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5 Useful Apps that I Use Almost Daily

Updated on November 22, 2013

So Many Apps

With new apps being created everyday it is hard to keep up. However, once I find a great app I tend to get as much use out of it as I can. I could easily make a list of 50 or so apps that at one point or another I thought were amazing, but here's a short list of the ones I have downloaded and could never bring myself to delete, because they were just too useful. And the best thing about all of these apps... they are all FREE!

#5: Shazam

I have had this app on my phone for years. This app is not only perfect for music lovers, but also for anyone who listens to the radio. If you ever hear a song and you want to know the name or the artist or even the lyrics you can just "shazam it". This app literally listens to the song that is playing for only about 10 seconds and tells you about the song. Not only that, but it saves all the songs you have "shazamed" in a list called "tags". You can later go to your tags to see more about the song. You can share it on Facebook or Twitter, listen to it for free on Spotify or YouTube, find recommendations based on the song, buy it on iTunes, and so much more! This app has come so far since I downloaded it way back when, and I'm sure it's not done yet.

#4: The Weather Channel

Pretty obvious what this one is for right? The reason this is on my list is that it is so much more accurate than Apple's weather app that comes automatically on the iPhone. Not only is it more accurate, but it also has many more features. My favorite feature is the radar map, so you can see exactly where all the storms around you are and the direction they are moving. It has news videos on there locally and from around the world. I live by the ocean so I like the Hurricane Central feature. It shows the current and forecasted ocean temperature, wind speeds and wave conditions. The app will also send you push notifications if there are any sudden emergencies such as flash floods or tornadoes.

#3: MyFitnessPal

If you're a health nut or trying to become one then this app can be very useful. Like many fitness apps it tracks your weight and calories among other things, but I'm going to show you a few things that really set this app apart from the many others like it.

When you first start using the app you will put in all of your information, and it will tell you how many calories you can consume a day to reach your ideal weight. The features include a food diary where you enter in what you eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. After you enter a food or an exercise your leftover calories will automatically update. One of the things I love about this app is that their food database is perfect. I have never had a problem finding a food on the app. If there is ever a food you can't find or you don't want to look up you can use the in-app bar-code scanner to scan your food! The app also breaks down your calories even further, telling you what percentage should come from carbs, fat, and protein.

The app also allows you to visually see your progress in the form of a line graph. You can show the line graph from between the last 1 to 3 months. You can also change the graph from showing difference in weight to difference in inches.

This app also has social features so if you need some motivation you can get your friends to sign-up and keep track of each other.

#2: PlayTube

This is another great app for music lovers. When I am driving I'm almost always using this app. If you're one of those people that plugs their phone into their car to play music then you will probably love this app too. It is like the YouTube app in the sense that you can search for your favorite songs and create playlists. However, the main difference between the two is that this app can play in the background. With the YouTube app if you try to open another app or lock your phone the app will stop as well as the song or video you're in the middle of. However, with PlayTube you can close the app and use another one or lock your phone and whatever you are listening to will continue to play. In fact, that is the whole reason I found this app, because I wanted an app that could play in the background.

The only downfall is the ads that seem to pop up randomly. Most of the time you can just exit out, but sometimes it make you watch a 30 second advertisement. But it is a small price to pay as far as I'm concerned.

#1: MapMyRun

This app does exactly what it says;it maps your runs, but it isn't only for runners. It can be used by cyclists, walkers, hikers, etc. I have even used it to map out trails for horseback riding. What it does is combine the GPS capabilities of the phone with the map feature to give you the ability to track you routes. This app has so many features on it that it deserves its own Hub, but i'll give you the basics.

It can show you your average pace (as well as min and max pace), total time, distance, calories burned, and average elevation (as well as min and max elevation). Some people may be worried about the accuracy of the GPS, but let me tell you it is VERY accurate, like down to the foot accurate. It also keeps all of your runs and your routes on record so you can go back and look at them and see how you have improved. I still have runs on my app from over two years ago!

This app also has a social feature to it. If you have friends that also like to run or cycle or whatever, convince them to get the app and you can follow each others workouts. It is a great motivator!

There is also a nutrition feature that you can use to track your calorie intake for the day. I can't comment too much on this feature because use MyFitnessPal.

This app also had an upgrade available called MVP. I haven't upgraded myself, but it seems that the upgrade has even more feature available for its users.

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