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5 Utterly Strange And Creepy Websites - Part 2

Updated on June 21, 2016
The internet hides further secrets
The internet hides further secrets | Source

Welcome back! If you're reading this, then you've liked read the other hub I posted on creepy/unknown websites. If you haven't, you can find it here.

The internet holds an absolutely titanical amount of content, so its completely understandable that a certain part of it can give you nightmares, even if such content wasn't exactly created for that purpose! Better to find out about these things by reading this before you end up accidentally stumbling upon one of these things, right?

On this hub we'll be covering websites of unknown origin or purpose, very strange youtube channels and even a government funded website!

1 "Sad Satan"

A snapshot of the game "Sad Satan"
A snapshot of the game "Sad Satan" | Source

If the screenshot above creeped you out, don't worry, its very unlikely you'll be running into something like that on your everyday internet browsing routines.

The screenshot above allegedly comes from a strange independently developed videogame called "Sad Satan", and the reason you won't accidentally end up finding it is because you'll never actually find it on the normal internet, that is, unless a specially morbid person uploads it on some web host and allows people to download it.

You see, the game is only available through an deep web address. I know I know, all this woo woo deep web stuff that goes around makes it all seem like some sort of urban legend. Unfortunately, the deep web is very much real.

Quick Explanation On The Deep Web

There's nothing mystical about the deep web. Deep Web is just the name used for the part of the internet which is not indexed in search engines, such as Google.

Before the advent of search engines, the internet was used almost exclusively as a network of computers used in universities and government agencies in order to send and receive data on a variety of things. At that time, one could think of the internet as the world's biggest library, but one in which books where stored and moved around with no real established archiving method or organization. As such, if you didn't know the inner workings of it or knew EXACTLY what you were searching for, you would never find anything on the internet.

When search engines became a thing, finding stuff on the internet became much easier. The search engine is kind of like a telephone list, in which websites pay, directly or indirectly, to be part of the search engine's index, which allows them to be searched and accessed through the engine. This very article is indexed into Google's massive index list through hubpages, for example.

Deep Web addresses, however, are not indexed anywhere, because they often hail from servers which are completely disconnected to any hosting service indexed on any search engine. To be accessed, you need to know exactly what you're searching for, and likely use Tor, a browser program which accesses the internet through an anonymous network of computers ran by a non-profit organization dedicated to internet privacy.

But What Is Sad Satan Like?


Sad Satan is a mysterious first-person game found and downloaded from a deep web address. The discoverer of the game says he found it when someone posted a link to the game in a deep web discussion board which people use to share files anonymously. The file was apparently posted with the initials "ZK" and had no other descriptions attached to it.

The game consists of the player moving through a maze-like environment with very odd graphical effects. Everything is in black and white and blurry, The soundtrack consist mostly of the player's own footsteps. Occasional during gameplay, black and white pictures will flash on the screen, showing random personalities and seemingly unrelated things, such as one picture consisting of a man in a hallway full of antler trophies in Archduke Ferdinand's last known home before he was assassinated (an event which sparked World War I), and an ironic historical picture of Margaret Thatcher and Jimmy Savile (now known to have molested dozens of children during his lifetime).

Annnnd apparently someone is selling a "clean" version of the game on Amazon?

The game only other inhabitants are strange, distorted child like creatures. They make no sounds and do not attack the player or do anything of that kind. Sometimes the apparitions are followed by noises which consist of backwards recordings of related to several events, such as news related to JFK's assassination and other such things.

The game will also flash strange writing in a font similar to the windings font which comes with Microsoft Windows, and some are just written out as normal. The messages are easily decoded, and are threatening in nature, consisting of phrases like "I can track you", "Good luck", "You're alone", "Buried", "Sad people died", "U are on my list", etc;

While the game initially didn't seem infected by any viruses, playing it always spawned a strange notepad file on the user's (creator of the video above) desktop, which apparently contained nothing special. The name Sad Satan comes from the game's files, and appears to be a reference to the song "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin, which when player backwards mentions the following phrase: "Oh here’s to my sweet Satan. The one whose little path would make me sad, whose power is satan. He’ll give those with him 666, there was a little toolshed where he made us suffer, sad Satan.”

Nobody knows the purpose to the game, or who the creator is.

2 Last Words Of Death Row Prisoners

The last words of people about to die for their crimes
The last words of people about to die for their crimes | Source

So, imagine you're browsing the web normally, reading, watching and listening to content left and right, searching for scary things to give you a quick thrill. The last place you'll likely care to look for scary things are government websites, right?

True, but then you'll be missing out on this one website ran by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, which just happens to have an archive consisting of death row's prisoners last words before being executed.

Apparently that's information the state of Texas wants to keep.

The archive can be found here. You can browse it by clicking the "last statement" links on each entry.

While this doesn't sound exactly too out of the ordinary, some of the things said are rather disturbing, or at least very odd. Between declarations of familial love and promisses of revenge, here's a quick example of what you might find:

"There are no endings, only beginnings. Love yall, see you soon."

"I owe no apologies for a crime I did not commit. Those who lied and fabricated evidence against me will have to answer for what they have done. I know in my heart what I did and I call upon the spirit of my ancestors and all of my people and I swear to them and now I am coming home."

"I am the sinner of all sinners. I was responsible for the ’75 and ’79 cases. My trial was not just; it was not fair; they lied against me. I love all of those on Death Row, and I will always hold them in my hands. Those who stood by me, I will always love you. Jim and Judy Peterson and Chaplain Lopez, I thank you for staying by my side."

If you're dedicated enough, you can find some outright odd statements and some which are truly chilling.

3 "Mr112dirtbag" Video

During the evening of February 9, 2004, a nursing student of the University of Massachusetts Amherst named Maura Murray disappeared after crashing her car on Route 112 in area of Haverhill, New Hampshire. Before her disappearance, she sent an email to her professors saying she was taking a week off due to a family emergency.

Maura lied, as her family later confirmed, there was no such emergency. Later, police concluded Maura may just have wanted to disappear, due to the fact she made preparations for it and there was no evidence of criminal activity or foul play, and decided to treat it as a simple case of a person going missing. Laura's family, however, was convinced that she was abducted by someone.

After a whole 8 years passed and no signs of Maura ever being found, a strange video surfaced on youtube. The video consisted of a strange red faced man laughing sadistically while apparently wishing happy birthday to Maura, and also showing a parking pass from the place Maura disappeared at, stamped with the date of her disappearance. The user who posted the video called himself "112dirtbag", apparently a reference to the fact Maura's father would constantly remark on how Maura was "kidnapped on route 112 by some dirtbag".

Police decided to search for the man in the video, but apparently, after interviewing him, could not find a connection between him and the case.

Why did he even make the video, however? Was it just to make an elaborate, very sad joke at the expense of Maura's family? Even if he has no real connection to the case, that is still a very disturbing thing to do. Since then, its been established that the video's creator is mentally ill and strangely obsessed with the case, and apparently enjoys the attention he gets from torment's Maura's family.

To this day, no one knows what happened to Maura Murray.


A screenshot from one of the website's pages
A screenshot from one of the website's pages | Source is a strange website of the "maze" type. Maze websites are usually structure in such a way as to make the curious user go through a large number of different pages, often with cryptic elements and messages, in order to reach some fabled final page in the site's index.

These are usually made as to scare the user as he/she browses more of the website, often with disturbing imagery and loud sounds. is a thing of its own, however. It does not contain any known sort of disturbing images, sounds or video. The entire website appears to consist of a huge number of pages (supposedly over 3000), with each page consisting of strange combinations of words, phrases, numbers, letters and symbols, often yellow, red and orange, on a pure black background. The website is rumored to be the work of a mad mathematician, due to the fact its content seems to follow some sort of mathematical equation or cipher.

After finding out about it, 4chan's /x/ board community decided to investigate the website. They quickly found out the website was made by and belongs to a man named David Denison, a British artist know for his weird artwork, with occultist, hermetic and Christian influences.

To this day, nobody has discovered the website's purpose, or even if it has a purpose at all. All that is know is that the whole thing was painstakingly designed, and that it seems to make some sort of sense or convey a certain message. The website's content follows a kind of strange but mathematically sound logic. Its impressive size, the occult and biblical references and the amount of detail that went into its creation has puzzled the mind of many a curious person.

If you want to try browsing it, go ahead. You can easily find it through Google. There's nothing actually scary about, but several people report being unable to continue browsing it due to getting a feeling of impending doom while going through the pages.

5 Planecrashinfo

The last words before the final fall
The last words before the final fall | Source

There's nothing mysterious about, but it can certainly be disturbing.

It appears to be a website dedicated to gathering and posting information about plane crashes all over the world. The specific link in question consist of an archive containing logs (and sometimes, the actual recordings) of the last communications of pilots and sometimes other people, just before the plane crashes.

The logs are what you would expect it to be: cries for help, heartfelt goodbye to loved ones, and regular status reports.

Some of these are very oddly mysterious though. Some involve the pilots being startled after seeing something. Others remark on being actually shot down by something or someone.
If you want to try browsing it, go ahead. You can easily find it through Google. There's nothing actually scary about, but several people report being unable to continue browsing it due to getting a feeling of impending doom while going through the pages.

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