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5 Ways To Improve Your Audience Interaction In Your Facebook Page; Product Launch And Blogging

Updated on February 10, 2014

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5 Ways To Improve Your Audience Interaction In Your Facebook Page

If you have a quite well-known business online, your Facebook page will reflect how well you do your business and treat your customers. A page that is not updated regularly will affect your business image as being inconsistent. A page that lacks any interaction with its audience will affect how people look at how you treat your clients and customers in your business. So, don’t spend only half-hearted effort in building your Facebook page. It is as important as building your business brand. You have to make it fresh as well as full of interactive discussion that will inspire your audience to use your products and services. Here are 5 ways to improve your audience interaction in your Facebook page:

1. Focus The Whole Thing On Your Audience

You can’t make your audience feel excited about your business if you only focus on your own business in your Facebook page. Well, most people don’t really care about what you do and what products that you have. They only care about what you can do for them. It’s the same with your audience. You have to show them that you can do something for them: help them, fix their problem, make their life easier, etc. That’s what you should give to them in your Facebook page. Show your audience that you are focusing on them, not you. This will create a willingness for them to interact with you.

2. Give Fresh Information And Encourage Comments

Always give the most up to date information related to your industry and encourage your audience to leave their comments at the end of your post. It is important to encourage your audience to leave their comments because it will increase the chance for them to do that, whereas fresh information will make way for a good discussion to happen in your page. This is a good combination to build a healthy interaction between you and your audience in social media.

3. Leave Them Feel Curious

Don’t give everything that you’ve got to your audience. Leave them feel curious about it. If you are giving information, you shouldn’t give the full the detailed information that will give no more room for discussion in it. Moreover, doing so will only make your audience feel bored with you. Just release the information bit by bit, step by step, or slowly and gradually. Let their curiosity to become their motivation to start talking with you.

4. Discuss And Explain

Once you’ve got into good discussion with your audience, make a list of their questions and attempt to explain the answers in your next post. Remember to keep it short and to the point. Also, if you want to really explain to them in detail, don’t do that in your Facebook page. Post the detailed answer on your website, and then create a post in your Facebook page that will link to your official site page. In this way, you are showing your audience that you care about them and really want to build strong and beneficial relationship with them.

5. Ask Thought-Provoking Questions

Lastly, you should ask some thought provoking questions just to know what your audience thinks about them. It will enforce the interaction to happen even more actively in your page and give you a good perspective about what your audience really wants from you. Asking though-provoking questions doesn’t mean to ask negative questions that can potentially lead to flame wars. It only means to ask some questions that can encourage healthy discussion within your page.

Once you’ve improved your interaction with your audience in your Facebook page, it will not be difficult for you to build a profitable business relationship with them. Just follow those tips and you’ll be able to improve your audience’s experience in your Facebook page even better. That’s good for your business.

Product Launch Tips: How To Utilize Your Blog For A Successful Product Launch

Most well-known internet marketers will use their mailing list as their primary marketing tool for their product launch promotion. But, consider it like this. If you don’t have any active mailing list right now, but you have a blog that attracts good amount of traffic, you can use your blog to make a successful product launch. Here are some tips to utilize your blog for a successful product launch:

1. Introduce The Product Through A Series Of Posts

You should do this at least one month before the launch date. Create a series of posts that are relevant with the product that you are going to launch in your blog. Those posts should be informative, not promotional. Just make sure that they really deliver value to your audience and give a glimpse of what is coming from your blog soon. The series of posts can be published weekly or twice a week. Just don’t break the pattern of your regular posts by replacing them completely with these series of posts. This should become an additional information for your readers.

2. Ask For Your Readers’ Opinions With Polls And Surveys

If you can ask your readers about their opinion regarding your upcoming product launch, that would be great. Why? That’s because you’ll know what they want from the product and spend some time to adjust the product in order to make it perfect for your audience. Sometimes, a product launch can going very bad and unsuccessful because the product is not really what your audience wants. So, it is worth to know their opinions about your upcoming product launch through polls and surveys on your blog.

3. Create A Free Report To Pre-sell The Product

Of course, this is a good time for you to start creating a good free report that will help you to presell the product and build your mailing list. This is your opportunity to make a blast with your launch. Just don’t make this report an ordinary report. You have to make it feel as premium as the product itself. You’re going to put a high value for this report. This will help you to make your readers ready for your upcoming product.

4. Create A Buzz In Social Media With Your Hashtag

Create your own hashtag to promote your product launch in social media. Of course, you can use this hashtag in most social media platforms out there. You just need to create some buzz about it so that it will go viral quickly. Perhaps you should also consider promoting your launch with videos on YouTube as well. It will be better to cross-promote your launch in order to make it more effective in attracting big audience to your blog.

5. Put A Product Launch Countdown In Your Blog Sidebar

You can create a nice-looking product launch countdown and put it in your blog sidebar. With a call to action to download your free report as well as your product image, you will be able to attract enough attention to it from your blog readers. Make sure that it is big enough for your readers to see, and make sure that it is visually appealing.

Follow those product launch tips and your blog will become a good marketing tool for your new product. Those tips will help you to make your product popular even before the launch date.

Blogging Tips: How To Create A Big Plan For Your Blog And Be Successful At It

When you are building a blog, consider whether you want to keep it small or make it big. It’s important to establish the basic mindset about your blog at the start so that you won’t get lost in the middle of your effort. Remember that blogging is not an easy way to make cash. It’s just like any other business. You need to nurture your blogging business like you nurture any other business. If you want to make your blog big, popular, and reputable, you have to build a plan to achieve it, and be dedicated at it. Here are some tips to create a big plan for your blog and be successful at it:

1. The Industry You’re Going To Enter

What is the industry or the niche that you are going to enter? In blogging, it is very important to choose the right niche for your blog. That’s because you’ll go for it for as long as your business goes. So, it will determine everything that you’ll do later with your blogging business, such as your profit, your activity, your promotion, etc. The basic rule in choosing your niche is to make sure that you know about it well, or have some experts that know about the niche well. If you don’t, you’ll have big difficulty when it comes to content creation and monetization.

2. Determine Your Audience

Now, you have to know who are serving with your blog. In other words, you have to choose your audience as well. Who are your blog designated to? Think about your audience as your potential customers or business clients. You’ll have to attract more and more of them to your blog later in order to expand your business. So, you have to get familiar with them and know about them. More importantly, you have to understand their needs and what you are going to provide for them with your blog. When you know your audience, you’ll see a straight path in your blogging career.

3. Make A Plan For Monetization

Monetization is a big part of your blog. It’s where all of your efforts will pay up. It’s the core of your business. You are running your blog for this purpose, to make money. That’s unless you want to create a non-commercial blog for whatever reason. But, monetization plan needs to be devised in the start of your blogging business. It’s a part of your business foundation. What are you going to do to make money from your blog? Are you going to develop some products, or are you going to put some ads in your blog so that you can make money out of the clicks or sales that come from those ads? Think about this carefully.

4. Determine How You Are Going To Produce Content

Content is the living blood of your blog. Without it, you won’t be able to attract customers to your blog. You’ll have no traffic, and your blog won’t produce any money at all. Sometimes, it is difficult to just keep up with your content publishing schedule, so you need to determine how you’re going to compensate for that. You need to build your own team of writers for your blog, and determine your budget for content creation. If you want to run the blog by yourself, it is fine. But, make sure that you can keep up with your schedule, or consider some part-time writers as your back up.

5. SEO Efforts And Promotional Stuff

You also need to promote your blog so that people will become aware of it. You know, when your blog is still new, it will be difficult for you to attract the attention of your audience and make them want to read your blog. That’s why you need to do some efforts in SEO as well as other promotional strategies such as social media, PPC ads, banner advertising, and so on. You have to think about these things as well, as it will be an important part of your business. Of course, you can always run your SEO and promotional campaign on budget.

Now, planning won’t be difficult anymore. This is actually a simple process if you know how to do it. But most importantly, once you’ve established your plan, you have to make sure that you are sticking at it. You can make a little change to your plan, but be sure to stick with your bigger plan for your blog.


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