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5 Ways to Promote Your Blog Post

Updated on February 18, 2015

Why Promote Your Blog Posts

After writing each blog post, you need to promote it to grow your audience. The days of writing content and hoping that someone finds it are over. Develop a habit of promoting your new blog posts with these 5 strategies from professional freelance bloggers.

1. Link to related content.

Often, you create multiple blog posts on themes. While tags allow you to denote that a post is part of a theme, your content is much more discoverable when you draw in the bigger picture for users. Once you finish a post, see whether you can add in 1-2 organic links to similar posts you've done. This allows users to see related content without having to manually click on the tag or search for a keyword. This translates to more eyes on your blog posts and can increase your following and credibility in your field.

2. Include in your newsletter or email signature.

Maintain a list of blog content to promote in your newsletter or email signature. This puts your content in front of a different audience - the people you communicate with regularly and the people who have opted in to your news network. It can be a wonderful way to grow readership organically. Use a tool like WiseStamp to create an email signature that automatically updates with your most recent post.

3. Showcase your content in online forums.

Online forums (like Yahoo Answers or here in HubPages) can be a great place to promote blog posts. To ensure that you aren't spamming the forum, look for topics or questions that you write about. Then read the forum post and think about whether your content would genuinely contribute to the discussion. If it would, compose a brief answer and link to your relevant blog post in your comment.


4. Be active on social media.

After you finish a post, put the content on social media channels that you're active on. There are so many social media channels that it's impossible to be active on all of them. Instead, be active on channels you regularly use. This way, you aren't spamming the site with your content. Your content becomes an organic part of your social media feed. Track channel performance in an analytics tool. If you continue to post on a social media channel and it does not drive traffic to your blog, it is not a good fit.

5. Don't forget about older content.

As you promote your latest blog post, spend time promoting older content too. Each time you post content to social media, you capture a slice of the audience's attention. You may have new followers now, who were not exposed to older content. Continue to share old posts using all 5 of these techniques.


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