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6 Entertainment Apps in Windows Phone

Updated on August 15, 2015

1. Lenses

If you open the menu in Camera, you may see an option called Lenses. Each lens refers to a software package which gives you an additional ability. Microsoft as well as third parties offer such packages. For example, Bing Vision lets you scan QR codes and Blink lets you take continuous shots. One shot lets you operate your phone camera in manual mode (i.e. you can control parameters like ISO, Focus etc.). You can install lenses through the Store.

2. Didlr

Didlr makes your phone screen a canvas. The tool box doesn’t consist of shapes, spray brushes, pen, pencil etc. It is simple. You can change the brush size and colour. In addition to that, you have two other options – see-thru ink and smooth lines.

3. UC Browser

The reason that UC Browser is being listed under the heading Entertainment Apps is its ability to save videos in webpage as 3gp or mp4. Though some other browsers have the save video option, this is a better option when considering file format and size.

4. Movie Creator Beta

This can be actually said as the mobile version of the infamous Windows Movie Maker we see in PCs. You can add photos, videos as well as music and apply effects. The final result is a beautiful personalized video.

5. Movie Moments

This can be defined as the easy mode of Movie Creator Beta. The difference is that you can deal only with videos. There is a time limit of 1 minute. As the name indicates, you have to choose important moments in your video with a maximum duration of 1 minute. Captions and effects can also be added. Both Movie Creator Beta and Movie Moments are from Microsoft.

6. Video Compressor

Have you been in this situation? Want to upload or share a video, but it is too large. Video Compressor comes handy in this situation. The free version has five quality options – very low, low, average, high and very high.


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    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      I haven't try any of them yet