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5 advantages of XHTML over HTML

Updated on July 21, 2009

5 advantages of XHTML over HTML

Prior to the release of XML, html was the most successful mark-up language in the world. When XML was introduced web professionals debated whether a new version of html in xml was needed. The professionals unanimously agreed that another language was needed. Thus in 2000 Xhtml was introduced. With an XML based HTML other XML languages could include bits of XHTML and XHTML documents could include other markup languages.XHTML could thus be used to improve on the weaknesses and functionality of html.Though XHTML has some problems being viewed on the internet explorer it is still of great use and is very powerful.

If your document is in pure XHTML 1.0 you will not notice much difference .As the number of XML tools begins increasing however you will notice the differences. For instance XForms allow you to edit XHTML documents in simple collaborative ways. Dynamic web applications will start taking advantages of such provisions.


1. Sustainability.

As web applications get increasingly sophisticated and move towards XML the use of XHTML will be more widespread.

2. Wide range of applications.

Due to the large number of applications that XHTML can support it can be used to create more complex websites. For instance MathML(Math Markup language) SVG(Scalable Vector Graphics)or users own mark up variants can all be supported in XHTML.However browsers that support such applications are few.

3. Compatibility.

The XHTML documents are written in compliance with the rules of XML,XML processing programmes can therefore convert an XHTML document into PDF,RSS or RFT.This enables you to work with a wide range of file formats.

4. Efficient processing applications.

Though the number of browsers that can support XHTML are few and far between the few that are available are quicker thanks to shorter error processing routines. At the moment a greater amount of processing time is spent by browsers on liberal error processing of documents containing malformed HTML markup. This will there reduce the loading time of your pages and downloads will be quicker.

5. Closing tags

Unlike HTML, all XHTML have closing tags. This is great for beginners and even helps seasoned web design professionals keep up with their work.XHTML makes your source clean and readable which can enhance your appeal as a web design professional. The website appears more professional and this is likely to increase the number of customers. In a nutshell XHTML shows professionalism as opposed to html which is more suited to personal websites.

Though the use of XHTML is still low the rise of technology blogs and browser sophistication have increased their usage. If you want to convert your HTML document into XHTML don’t worry you can use HTML Tidy software. It gives you the option of transforming your html document into XHTML.Amaya is a browser that will save HTML documents as XHTML.Browsers that can accept XHTML documents are Mozilla, Netscape 5 and higher, Galleon, Opera, Google chrome, Amaya, Camino, Chimera, Doc Zilla, icab, Safari and all browsers in mobile phones that accept WAP2.So as the complexity of websites continues to increase so will be the use of XHTML.


Limited practical use.

At the present moment very few browsers support XHTML documents.However with the continuous upgrades that the browsers are undergoing this problem is likely to be alleviated.


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    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I love xhtml. It makes more sense.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Have to LOVE HTML5

    • profile image

      jethro larson 

      9 years ago

      XHTML 2 has been canceled. Using HTML5 with XML syntax is the way to go.


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