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5 Alarm Clocks that Are Sure to Wake You Up

Updated on March 26, 2013

I most certainly sympathize with those of you that struggle to get up in the morning. I myself am not a morning person, and that will not be changing in the foreseeable future. I practically swear on the snooze button creed and the "setting my alarm 5 minutes forward until I am practically late" clause. Unfortunately, these habit could lead to A LOT of, shall we say, complications, especially if you work or are a student. So, my non-morning comrades, here are 5, inexpensive alarm options that are sure to get you up and make it to your destination on time!

Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels

There's no getting past this alarm clock by pressing snooze. If the snooze button is hit, the clock will zip away from wherever it is sitting. This will force the groggy victim to go find its hiding place and shut it off manually. Nothing like an extreme game of tag to get your adrenaline going in the morning.

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If you are one of those people that needs to be standing or moving to be fully awake, this clock was made especially with you in mind.

Room Tech Beingz Alarm Clock Radio

Of all the alarm clocks I've read about, this one had to be the most annoying. Even reading about it got me slightly annoyed.

5 minutes before the alarm is supposed to go off, the clock begins to glow. When the alarm goes on, it taps its arms gently but you have exactly 1 minute to touch the snooze button. If you do not, the clock launches into full blown temper mode. This includes banging its fists and merciless whining for about hour or so. I certainly would not suggest this clock unless you're really serious about breaking an oversleeping habit.

When this clock isn't busy annoying the bejeebers out of you, it dances to music from your radio or MP3 player. It can also be petted on the head, to which it responds gleefully.

Talk about high maintenance.

Sonic Boom SBB500ss Sonic Bomb Loud Plus Vibrating Alarm Clock

Its a whole lot of annoying wrapped into a neat looking package. The clock has an obnoxious loud alarm sound, along wih flashing strobe lights. To top it off it has a loud vibrating appendage that bangs against any hard surface. This clock is sort of like a leap in the dark -- perhaps by chance, you'll wake up to one of the irritating mediums.

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Blender Alarm Clock

The Blender Alarm Clock certainly isn't your typical alarm clock. For one, its shaped like a blender. It comes with 4 aggravatingly cheerful tunes from which you can pick. Upon ringing loudly, it also blends the beads inside the container, which creates double agitation for the sleeper.

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Puzzle Alarm Clock

This clock doesn't only try to get you up, it also tries to make you think first thing in the morning. When the alarm goes off, it launches 3 different shapes to the ends of the room, forcing you to get up and find them. To shut off the alarm, the shapes must be deposited in their rightful places. It may look easy, but when you're groggy in the morning,it might prove to be a slightly daunting task.

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    • Sugarshack LM profile image

      Sugarshack LM 4 years ago

      LOL. Love this lens...wish I had of seen it when my son was in high school!! Great job!

    • braincell2020-2 profile image

      braincell2020-2 5 years ago

      Haha agreed!

    • profile image

      dessertlover 5 years ago

      These are really clever! I would probably buy the Clocky alarm first, because then I only have to chase the thing, not find puzzle pieces and get them in the right spot. Plus, with the ones that make loud noises, I feel like it would scare me and then put me in a bad mood! lol!