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5 Cool Bits Of Tech I Wish I Have

Updated on December 29, 2013

About Me & This Lens

I love technology, especially new types of technology. I wanted to share in this lens what tech I really would love to use. I am sure you will find some that you had either not seen before or find just as exciting as I do. Most of the tech here is too expensive, which is why I don't have it, but maybe one day it would be possible to buy some of these.

Xbox One - $631.99

Controversially I went for the Xbox One over the PS4. Now some will always disagree with me, but the Xbox One is a great piece of kit and would suit me much more than the PS4, due to the fact I wouldn't just use my Xbox for gaming but for all the other things Xbox can do over the PS4. Such as the fact that Xbox is more of a media box than the PS4. I also would love to use the kinects useful abilities like voice commands and login in a user by face recognition. The price is of course an issue as it is more expensive than the PS4, but (in my opinion) the Xbox can do much more.

Xbox One On Amazon

Xbox One & PS4

Do You Agree With Me In Choosing The Xbox One

DJI Phantom 2 Vision - $1,199

I would love to fly one of these, you can fly this up to 300 metres away, so you not so limited as you are with other drones. This also looks pretty cool, and would be great fun to fly around your house. Controlled by a remote controller that allows you to place your iPhone on so that you can see what the camera can see. It has a 14 mega pixel camera that can both take video and still photos. The camera is also tilt enabled stabilisers, meaning your camera can be moved around by your phone. The drone can hover in the same place with out you needing to control it. You will never loose this as if it flies out of range of your controller it will return back to the first place you flew it that day. On your iPhone it displays the altitude, direction, speed and distance. The battery life is pretty good, 25 minutes, which will allow you to fly for quite a long time.

See The DJI Phantom 2 Vision In Action

Parrot Zik Classic - $341.95

I always wanted a premium pair of headphones, that have noise-cancelling. The Parrot Zik are made to extreme quality, the sound quality is excellent and it also has bluetooth. The headphones have a touch control panel so there is no fiddling with your phone or the buttons. You slide your finger up and down to control the volume and to change track slide left to right. The noise-cancelling can block up to 98% of ambient noise. These really are amazing set of headphones, that I would love to get one day.

Giant Defy Advanced II - $3,050

A really nice bike, that would be lovely to own. It will allow you to do quick sprints and do your long distance rides. A carbon frame, that nearly every modern bike is now made of, will make it light. There is a perfect balance of weight, stiffness and comfort, too make the ride that bit better.

ICON A5 - Estimated Price $189,000

When I mean the ICON A5 it is the proper big aeroplane, not the little remote control one. Their website has a huge number of photos and videos to look at so I suggest going here. You could learn how to fly the A5 in two weeks, the controls are made to be as simple as possible. It can land both on land and water, so you can fly on its surface. It is a sports aircraft, and the makers make a big thing of its manoeuvrability. Its wings can fold back so that it can be towed on a trailer by car. It is made to be as safe as possible, with a parachute that is deployed when the aircraft is in trouble. Its price is its downfall, and probably won't be anything I will ever get soon!

ICON A5 In Action


What Was Your Favorite Tech Shown Here?

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Got Any Tech You Want To Get One Day? - Share it here

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    • jethrosas profile image


      5 years ago from Philippines

      From these technology you've shown here, only the Xbox One got my interest. Others are very expensive and out of my interest as well. Anyway, I would like to see your top gadgets. Thanks for making this lens. :)


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