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5 Easy Recommendations for Windows 10 to Run as Fast as Possible

Updated on May 24, 2017

Those who have decided to install Windows 10 on your PC will have noticed that it is not always going at the desired speed.

Fortunately, there are many recommendations that can help you improve the effectiveness with which this operating system works. Here are five tips for Windows 10 to run a little faster:

1. Remove unnecessary auto-start programs

This is one of the oldest manual tricks, and most of you will have realized that having programs that open automatically when you turn on your computer can cause major delays in boot time. If you want to find the applications that are automatically activated when you turn on your computer, simply press Ctrl + Shift + Esc when the system is booting. Click Start to see which programs are starting. Did you know that all these programs were in operation? If you think some of these programs are not necessary, simply turn them off by pressing the right mouse button.

It might also be beneficial to start putting the computer into suspend mode when you're not using it, instead of shutting down the system. However, we recommend restarting your PC at least twice a week to make sure the system is updated and does not lose anything important.

2. Delete junk apps

Certain applications known as crapware or bloatware can cause system malfunctions. Some of these applications are installed by default, even if you were unaware of their existence. The main reason why such applications might be affecting your computer's performance is that they consume resources, and usually uninstallation is not easy (basically, because you do not know or exist!). A good idea might be to be aware of the applications you have installed and try to eliminate all those you do not use. To do this quickly and easily, just go to Settings in the Start menu, select System, and then Default Applications. Here, you can choose which applications you do not use and uninstall them.

3. Stay alert to viruses and malware

Although Windows 10 is not completely immune to viruses and malware, there is a good application that can act as antivirus and malware detector. Windows Defender is one of the best products offered by Microsoft, and makes it possible to perform a system analysis in real time. Since the program is regularly updated, it can act against the most recent threats. This is a factory program that does not require any extra installation or payment of any subscription fee. As it has been developed by Microsoft, it is perfectly integrated within the system and its consumption of resources is basically minimal. If you want to start using Windows Defender you only need to activate it in the Tools menu (Start menu)> Options> Real Time Protection and select the Use Real Time Protection option.

4. Use Windows Troubleshooting

Not many people consider this useful tool, but it is a good way to know if your system is having some functioning problem and what to do to solve it. To launch the program, simply type Troubleshooting in the search box and click the icon with the subtitle Control Panel. Then go to the "Perform maintenance tasks" link in the System and Security section. Once the "Solve and help avoid computer problems" screen appears, press "Next". Troubleshooting will allow you to find the folders and shortcuts you are not using, and can identify if there is a problem in your PC that is affecting its operation. In short, it is a very good option to clean your computer quickly and easily.

5. Keep your system updated

There is nothing more annoying in life than finding out that Windows has a new update prepared, and that you have to reboot your system and wait for a while that you will look years. The truth is that however boring it may be to wait for the system update to complete, once it is installed it will help you save time in the long run, because your PC will work better.

If you are in the habit of postponing new updates, your system will slow down, so it is worth taking the time to reboot and upgrade from time to time in order to operate as smoothly as possible.


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