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5 iPhone Cases to Buy Today

Updated on March 5, 2017

The popularity of iPhones have soared over the last decade. And there many reasons for this phenomenon growth including powerful functionalities, stylish design and of course a premium price tag that gives you some boasting rights.

iPhone cases are handy tools that help preserve the sleek design of the iPhone by preventing scratches and possible screen breakages that can occasioned by poor handling or accidentally dropping the iPhone. In this guide, we explore top 5 iPhone casing that you can buy today.

Top 5 iPhone 7 Plus Cases to Buy Today.

1. The iPhone 7 Plus Case TESSERA.

The casing is made from a composite material of carbon and fiber. The Slim Forming Fit design used on this casing makes it slim and light in weight. This makes it ideal for people who don't want to bulk out their iPhones when they use a casing.

2. QUVVY Genuine Leather iPhone 7 Case

There are only a few iPhone casings that are as versatile as the QUVVY Genuine Leather iPhone 7 Case. The casing is made from top grain leather and this makes it durable and premium. It's also ultra slim and this makes a great fit for any iPhone model. It is further reinforced with with rubberized PC/TPU which makes it even more durable.

3. Ghostek Cloak 2 Series Slim Protective Armor Case

If you are looking for a premium casing with a lifetime limited exchange warranty, then this is the casing to go for. It includes a tempered glass, Precision Cut Outs and an Aluminium Frame which gives it a premium feel.

4. Ansiwee Shockproof Armor iPhone 7 Plus Rubber Bumper Case

This is a hybrid casing made of shockproof hard PC. It is compatible with Apple iPhone 7 Plus. It has a deep Camera cutout which keeps the camera protected but clear at all times. This is in addition to a high-grade TPU that is impact resistance and which keeps your iPhone protected at all times.

5. Case-Mate iPhone 7 Plus case

It is ultra slim and comes with Stylish metallic buttons that makes your iPhone stand out. Its protective layer meets the MIL-STD-810G standards.


Determining Which Casing Best Fits Your Needs

You'll agree that it isn't possible nor necessary to buy all the cases highlighted herein. It's therefore important to gauge your needs before placing an order to ensure you only buy a casing that actually meets your needs.

Some of the key points to think over include compatibility, material make and the weight of the casing you are aiming to buy.

Bottom Line

Genuine iPhone casing are durable and stylish although they attract a high price tag. Knowing which casing best meets your needs is the first step to keeping your stylish iPhone protected from everyday accidental occurrences.


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