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TomTom Gps

Updated on February 22, 2016

My TomTom XXL Is So Cool, It Even Knows My Name

Once upon time (a couple of years ago) I used paper maps and questions at a gas station to find my way around. Some times it was just driving around until I got lucky and found what I was looking for.

Then my wife and I decided to take a really long trip up the East Coast from Texas to see the leaves in the fall. At my wife's suggestion I did some research and finally bought a TomTom XXL 5 inch screen GPS.

I studied my maps and laid out the route making sure every thing was organized. Of course along the way things got messed up because of road construction, detours and changes in plans.

My wife had been learning how to use the GPS and she set in a new route, checked hotels and found restaurants, all while we were going down the highway.

That was it! The light came on and suddenly I saw the value of having and using our GPS.

Now, I won't even leave the house without our TomTom GPS. We call her Tomasina (get it? that was my idea).

I got the 5 inch screen version because we both wear glasses and it is easier to see than the smaller versions. The colors are bright and clear and the voice is very easy to understand.

And guess what ? It even knows my name when I turn it on!

Where Can I Buy A GPS

You can get a new GPS online, at most big box stores and even in some drug stores

Everyone Has Their Reasons For Buying A GPS

Here Are A Few Of My Reasons

These are not in any particular order

5 Reasons To Buy A TomTom GPS - Why Do I Love It? Let Me Count The Ways

  1. It Has A Big Beautiful 5 Inch Screen
  2. It Automatically Changes To A Night Screen That Is Easy To Read In The Dark
  3. It Is Very Light And Easy To Carry Around
  4. No Matter Which Back Roads I Take, It Always Knows Where I Am
  5. I Can Always Find A McDonald's To Get My Morning Cup Of Coffee

Get Rid Of The Paper Maps And Get A GPS

One of the most amazing electronic devices on the market today is the GPS. Think about it--this little unit contains all the maps of the US, Canada and Mexico. It can tell you when to take side roads to avoid congestion, how to get back to your home and best of all it gives you turn by turn instructions to help you get to your destination.

There Are Many Good Bargains On Ebay - Here Are A Few To Bid On

My TomTom Selections

Have You Ever Been To A New Place

And Wondered Where The Nearest Gas Station Was

If you had a TomTom GPS the answer would only be a couple of clicks away.

My wife is getting soooo good at using the GPs, it almost scares me. She can locate anything in just a second or two.

Many times on a long trip I have had to locate food, gas and alternater routes. Using my unit was a lot easier than trying to get out a paper map, spread it out and try to figure out wher anything was.

Don't drive lost, always be in control.

The Most Important Thing

I Can Always Find My Way Home When I Have My TomTom GPS Device With Me

My TomTom Has A Great Display - And It Is The 5 Inch Version

Click thumbnail to view full-size
TomTom mapTomTom Nav ScreenTomTom ScreenTomTom Home ScreenHey it knows my nameTomTom turned off
TomTom map
TomTom map
TomTom Nav Screen
TomTom Nav Screen
TomTom Screen
TomTom Screen
TomTom Home Screen
TomTom Home Screen
Hey it knows my name
Hey it knows my name
TomTom turned off
TomTom turned off

People All Over The Country Love Their TomToms - And With Good Reason

  • They come preloaded with more than 7 million points of interest such as gas stations, restaurants, hotels and ATMs
  • A great feature called IQ Routes Technology calculates the fastest route possible based on time of day
  • Advanced Lane Guidance indicates exactly which lane to use, so you can be prepared to make your changes
  • Spoken turn-by-turn instructions including street names and the voices are easy to understand
  • The "Help Me!" menu provides added safety features so you can easily access local emergency providers.
  • The Fold & Go EasyPort mount provides maximum portability

Now I Can Leave The Freeway And See Some Of The Country Side With My TomTom Gps

Check Out This Video Of The TomTom Via - It's Quick And Easy To Get Going

TomTom Gps Device

TomTom Makes It Easier

I Don't Get Lost And I Have More Time For Touring

My wife and I just got back from a weeks trip to the Outer Banks of NC.

My TomTom found all the places of interest we wanted to see, so we didn't miss a thing.

Finding great restaurants was not a problem and even some of the locals were surprised that we found their favorite places.

I was surprised to find out how easy it was to make use of all the features on my unit. It even let me set in a speed that I shouldn't go above. When I went above that speed, it sounded a loud siren to let me know that I should slow down. Scares the heck out of me, but it works.

This made for a wonderful trip, good touring and great eating.

What can a GPS do for you

In town
In the country
At home
Find restaruants
Plot out a long route
Use your home computer for routes
Avoid traffic
Reroute if necessary
Learn how to use the unit
Locate your shopping mall
Find gas
Get all the instruction manuals

If You Use And Love Your TomTom Gps Device - Tell Everyone What Make It Special For You

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