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5 Reasons to Go Solar

Updated on December 22, 2015

We hear a lot about climate change and global warming nowadays which is caused due to carbon emissions which are released into the atmosphere due to the burning of fossil fuels (coal, petroleum, natural gas etc.). Experts have stated that if pollution continues on the same rate as now the earth would become inhabitable by the year 2050. Which is why the United Nations organized a climate change conference of nations in Paris this year.

Sometimes, people wonder what is in their power to prevent climate change. Going soar is one of the many ways through which we as individuals can contribute to make the word a better place for our future generations. There is only one things that is preventing the mass use of solar power i.e. lack of awareness. We need to make every one aware of the benefits of turning to solar power.

Here are five major reasons to install solar panels:

1. Going Solar can completely eliminate your electricity bills.

Solar panels when installed are expensive, but they prove to be a good investment over time as they start reducing your electricity bills. If you go completely off-grid then you don’t ever have to worry about electricity bills again.

2. It Increases the value of your property.

Adding solar panels to your house or any other property make it more attractive and persuasive for the future potential buyer

3. Rising Electricity costs won’t affect you, once you go solar.

Electricity is mostly generated by burning fossil fuels such as coals, natural gas, petroleum etc., these resources are non-renewable. So once these resources start depleting their costs would sky-rocket. But that won’t affect you once you have turned to solar power for electricity generation.

4. Tax Credit

Many governments offer tax credit to have a solar panel system installed in your house to encourage more and more people to go solar. This alone can be a major incentive to lure people towards turning to solar power.

5. Present energy generation is dirty and by going solar you will be contributing to make the environment more habitable for the generations to come.

This is the biggest reason to go solar. Most of the electricity generation is done by burning fossil fuels which emits greenhouse gases and increases the planet’s temperature which is the sole factor of global warming. By using solar panels for electricity generation one is increasing the total use of renewable sources for electricity generation and thus, decreasing the use of fossil fuels. This can help in decreasing the amount of emissions which can help in stabilizing the increase in the temperature of earth.

Having these many reasons I cannot see why one would not want to turn to solar power for energy generation. There might be some factors preventing people to go solar. But I can say this with surety that solar power is the way we would generate energy in the future.


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