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5 reasons why you shouldn’t delay getting your own mobile app

Updated on November 6, 2015

By the time you finish reading this blog, at least two new apps will hit the mobile stores. If that doesn’t explain the pace of the app race, probably nothing would. And the best part is that with every moment that passes by, the race gets more competitive. So the early you participate, the better chances you have of competing well.

But the question is, what are we competing for? And the answer to this question remains the same as it was two decades back; better visibility, to create a stronger marketing channel, improve customer engagement, and build brand and recognition. All of the objectives remain the same, just the track where the race is happening has taken a shape of mobile markets, and your apps are the athletes running against time.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should not delay getting a mobile app:

Time taken to develop an app


Gone are the days when it used to take months to create an app. With online app making platforms, time taken to develop an app has astonishingly shrunk from months to weeks, in some cases to even days.

Fewer days taken to develop an app means a swiftly growing list of competitors, that too in less time. So don’t waste time in pondering if your business needs an app. Let’s face it, businesses with apps are doing much better, and are penetrating the market in a better way.

Resources required for creating an app


Again, gone are the days when one needed to hire a huge team to develop an app.Online app building platforms, can help you build an app singlehandedly. That’s enough to say, apps can be made anywhere, anytime.

Cost Effectiveness


We know the last time you wanted to make an app, you were given the shock of a lifetime. The cost of building an app was could match the amount invested in setting up your business. And that’s when you decided that an app is not your cup of tea. But, actually it is. And this time you will love to take a sip.

App builders eliminate the need of an army of coders and designers and that is why the cost of app building drops down considerably.Less resources, less cost, more efficiency and seamlessness, what else can you ask for?

Coding Knowledge


Now here comes the challenging part. Do you hold a degree in engineering? No? Chill. Because with online app builders the toughest part you have to do is drag and drop.Yes, you do not have deal with C, C++, C# and the other members of the family. No coding, no hassles.

Quality of the apps


Oh, so you think something that gets created in no time, costs less, requires no special skills, would be low in quality? Aha. You are up for a big surprise, my dear! App makers not only take your time and budget seriously, but also know your fixation for quality. The apps that you create using an app builder are instant, affordable, stunning and wait-for-it, intuitive.

Time- check, cost- check, skill- check, quality –check.

So, eh..could you remind us what was it that was stopping you from creating your business app and taking it to a whole new level?


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