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5 tips and tricks to increase PC speed

Updated on August 22, 2016

5 tips and tricks to increase PC speed

5 tips and tricks to increase PC speed

When you are experiencing a steady decline in the speed of your PC, the easiest thing to do is to take a short trip to the mall and fancy a new machine. If the first option is expensive for you at the moment, then you can put up easy changes to speed up your PC.

From booting the PC to gaming, I am presenting to you 5 ways through which your PC can be cleaned and made to look young one more time.

Speed up your startup: If it takes less time for a whole pot of coffee to brew before your computer can fully boot, then it is time to make the necessary changes. It is very likely that your PC is not slow but you have dozens of programs turning on during start up leading to a reduction in the speed. Autoruns, a comprehensive tool that can easily disable some programs during startup could be downloaded. You might also try the inbuilt MSConfig for your windows OS. You can locate MSConfig, by searching for it under the startup tab; you will then uncheck the programs that you do need to run at start up. Kindly leave any program that you do not recognize as it could affect the functionality of your PC

Clear it out: if you are currently using internet explorer, get rid of it. The best browser for speed surfing now is the google chrome. Programs like CCleaner could also be used to remove temporary files from your entire browser, thereby making your PC run faster

Slim Down: this is more than removing installed programs that you no longer use. If you do not regularly use window media player and Microsoft office, you have to switch to other programs that require less computing power. VLC media can be used in place of Windows media player, Foxit Reader in place of Adobe reader and Abiword or Apache's open office in place of Microsoft office. These suggested programs are light weight and offer the same service as the conventional programs.

Automate your updates: Updating of programs may be annoying sometimes. It is very easy to click remind me later and will have to finally set aside a long time to finally update those programs. To solve this go to: My Computer > Properties > Automatic updates. Set this to Automatic download and install.

Make some upgrades: $150 investment in a graphic card if you are into gaming might be worth your while. Toiling with the motherboard will be necessary to make this upgrade. You do not need to worry as there are online tutorials designed to address it.

Finally, the most efficient way to speed up your PC – though, requires tinkering – is to add more Random Access Memory (RAM). You can purchase 4GB of memory for less than $50 online. Go to My Computer > Properties to find out if you have less than 2GB, an upgrade should be in your future.

© 2016 Alagbe Adedeji Simon


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