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5 ways mobile apps proved Machines are better than Humans

Updated on March 10, 2016

Machines are taking control over human beings (and for the greater good). Before getting into that old debate of humans vs. machines, let’s get real. And admit that yes, machines are way too better than humans. Don’t go too far. Take example of this blog – it was written using a machine. You’re reading it on a device. And if it isn’t making sense then we can convince you!

Other than making our lives easier, enterprise mobile apps and machines save us a lot of time. That time can be utilized in doing other productive tasks. Less energy is required in doing some work, people don’t have to experience physical fatigue. Since time’s saved, who doesn’t just love to be free for better? Also, engaging and less time-taking job urges workers to innovate, create and be successful.

  • Effortless work

Physically going to some market and buying gifts for a friend sounds tiring. But if something’s ordered over the internet, half of the job is almost done by a machine and an enterprise mobile application. To make it even more interestingly easier, one can also have the gift delivered at his friend’s doorstep. In context of a business, you don’t have to have a physical ware-house, you can store products in your own house too. So what is exactly happening here? You don’t have to work (in that typical sense of working) or to use energy. Though a delivery boy has his own job/task but that’s another story (as long as YOU being an individual, are comfortably using mobile app technology).

  • Time’s saved!

Time is money. Machines and applications save both your time and your money. Your time is saved because machines work fast and efficiently. Your time is saved because apps share your workload. You don’t have to practically go to a place to do your work. In that case, your fuel (money) is saved. Marketing transformations are making lives easier. Right use of technology in the right place at the right time in your free time interval can help you in achieving your goals perfectly.

  • Digital business is possible in an ah-mazing way

This is the world of mobile apps we’re living in. Job market happens to achieve another level of development by following technology trends. Entrepreneurs prefer enterprise mobility and that also makes things great for them and for their consumers as well. Over the internet, employers and employees have chances of growth and getting in contact with changing tech trends. Better business relationships can be established, automation and technology trends allow creative intelligence among workers that ultimately benefits the organization. Companies need to realize the importance of mobile and should know how mobile ready are they by an IT maturity assessment process.

  • Increased productivity

Machinery and automation can make you produce and grow exceptionally greater than your competitors. Since majority of the tasks are done on machines now and less human labor is involved, you’ve time to pace up with shifting technology trends. Let’s suppose that you run a business

of frozen products. When there were no such machines for storing frozen items, that would have been tough for vendors to keep their products fresh. But since, technology is changing every single day, machines reduce the chances of food wastage. And prices of such products also don’t increase. That’s a win win situation for your business as production isn’t stopping and incomes are increasing. And if you’ve an enterprise mobile app developed related to your work, you know how to run it by using one app for buying-selling, delivering items/products etc.

  • Less people, more innovation

Obviously, you won’t be needing a huge number of team members in your company if you focus on using different machines for several tasks. A limited number of workers will be paying attention on their defined jobs. And will definitely come up with innovative and creative ideas. In addition to that, automation will help them being more creative and more productive. It is thought that automation and machinery increase the number of unemployed people but if we’ve to look in the bigger picture, then Pew Research survey states that according to 52% of experts say that automation will create more job chances.

By incorporating machine work and enterprise mobility, companies can grow at a faster rate as compared to those companies which are still lagging behind in the race of technology. How many fields are working with less humans and more machines? Like, SO many. Be it agriculture, healthcare, buying and selling of things, banking, automobile companies etc. Machines and robots can even cook now. Enterprise mobile applications can make tasks from the level of easy to easier and then easiest. Machines surely are taking everything to a whole new level. All what’s required is to know that machines and technology are not on some war with humans. After all, humans design machines and develop apps for their betterment and ease.

Reduced percentage of human intervention is actually really good. Starting from a cup of coffee in morning to checking your e-mail box to making day to day agenda to you-just-name-it and it’s done. Efficiently. With very less chances of error. And in no time! Let your machines and mobile devices do things for you.

Leave a comment down below and let us know how helpful machines happen to be for you!


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