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5 Ways to Write a Quick Blog Post

Updated on August 15, 2016

It doesn't matter who you are. Some days your writer’s block will stand in your way like a mean bully.

The words and ideas are hiding inside your head and your fingers refuses to push the buttons on your keyboard. Another day you might find yourself filled with awesome ideas and an unlimited amount of energy, but not the time. It doesn't matter which. These things have an uncanny habit of occurring when you find yourself in helpless need of updating your blog with fresh content. Days like that can shred your creativity and motivation to pieces - leaving you frustrated and irritated.

In this article I will show you 5 tips, which will help you push the publish button, even when time itself or your creative mood are doing their best to work against you.

5 Favorite Ways to Write a Quick Blog Post

• Shove a video in there. Everyone enjoys watching a good and relevant video. With all the tube sites, out there it's harder not to find a video that will fit your blog like mayo on a tuna. When you have found the perfect video, copy and paste the embed code in your post, together with two or three of sentences and almost before you started writing, you're done for the day.

•Take advantage of the other blogs in your field. I’m sure you read a many of the blogs out there, relevant to your field (if not, then it's a good idea to start now). Select a post you find interesting, write a short paragraph why you find the post interesting and relevant, together with a link. Not only will you give a fellow blogger some buzz, you might also find you increased your network of blogging friends as well!

•Quotes. Visit a big quote site and look for something that you think would relate to your blog’s field, niche or theme. Write a couple of words about the quote you choose and why you find it relevant or special and end the post asking your readers how they interpret it.

•Recycle old Stuff. Head down deep into the archives of your own blog and see if you cannot find an old and forgotten killer post. When you find that magnificent post, tell your readers about it, encourage them to read it again, and hit that publish button.

•Make a List. Lists are fun, easy and fast to write and they can be about anything you can imagine. Why don't make a top list or ways to do this or that. The more your list stands out, the better. Try to start your list with a number, like "5 ways to do something" or "10 things that", since those kinds of lists have a tendency to attract readers. Try it on your blog and watch the results.

One Final Note

So next time you need to churn out a quick blog post, I hope these tips will help you out. Also, by using these tips, you can write posts in advance, and save them for that busy day when you find yourself in a desperate need of a post or two. Just don’t forget that you shouldn’t fill your blog with small posts. It's important that you write relevant and captivating killer posts, once in a while - at least if you want to see the numbers of readers grow!

If you are a blogger, why not scroll down to the comments and share how you write a blog post when you find yourself short of time or motivation.


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