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5 Tips for Effective Online Social Networking

Updated on June 5, 2011

Social Networking

5 Tips for Effective Online Social Networking

Here’s a news flash for you; online social networking is here to stay, which is a good thing if you want to make your skills popular. You’ve no doubt see commercials these days with companies that advertise their presence on Facebook. That’s because businesses recognize the opportunity to reach millions of potential customers at very little, if any, cost. Online social networking via social networking websites, blogs, and forums, can be a very effective way of driving traffic to your website or promoting your services.

1. Be an active participant

In order to effectively network online, you have to be an active member. A lot of people will get a membership to a forum, blog, or social network site but will only login once or twice a month. In addition, they will not provide valuable content to any discussions. If you want to network yourself, you need to make a commitment to participating in discussions at least twice a week.

2. Use your profile as a conversation piece

Put some information in your profile. When people see your profile, it acts as a conversation piece. I don’t recommend putting too much personal information on your profile though, if you are looking to strictly promote your services or your website. Try and restrict the information you put in your profile to your services.

3. Don’t violate the rules

Make sure you read the policies of use on each site and don’t violate any of them. Violating the policies can get you removed from the site.

4. Join more than one site

If your goal is to network your business or drive traffic to your website, I highly recommend that you join more than one social networking site. Keep in mind, there is very little loyalty to a social networking website. The more sites you join, the more people you can possibly reach.

5. Find your niche

Networking your website or services to a general audience is not an effective way of taking advantage of social networking. You need to focus your efforts on your target audience. Facebook, and other popular social websites, have pay-per-click and per impression advertising at very low prices that you can tailor to target your market. Also, consider joining social network website that are specifically designed for your niche. For example: – social networking site for professionals – social networking website for authors and writers – social website for entrepreneurs – social networking site for artists


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