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6 Best iPhone 6 Screen Protectors that You Can Buy Today

Updated on July 28, 2017

Having is no doubt a worthy investment. Aside from the sleek design, iPhones are packed with great features for everyday use. Even then, iPhone screens are prone to scratches and breakages that can make them unsightly and less efficient. Thankfully, glass protectors have made it easier to keep iPhone screens protected and in top notch. In this write up, we discuss on top best iPhone screen protectors. Enjoy as you read along.

The Top 6 Variations of iPhone Screen Protector

A screen protector is basically a thin layer of a material that absorbs the shock or scratches that impact on an iPhone’s screen. Some of the screen protectors include Glass screen protector, Clear Skin protector, Plastic Screen Protector, Anti-glare film and Privacy Screen protectors.

Glass screen protectors.

They are one of the most expensive screen protectors for the IPhone as technologies such as oleophobic which reduces fingerprints are a feature. They are also to some extent tough as they are generally 0.3 - 0.5 mm in thickness. The feeling of using a glass screened protectorIPhone is that there usually is a smooth feeling when the finger glides on the screen.

Clear skin protectors

This type of protector is usually the best choice for most IPhone users as its installation is very easy on all devices and never prone to bubbles in most cases which is trapped air in between the screen protector and the phone screen itself. The width of this protector is almost imaginable because of its thinness such that one cannot feel the difference and in addition, it offers great protection against scratches.

Plastic screen protectors

Known for its thinness, the plastic screen protector is the most durable of all. Although they don't provide good display quality, they ensure complete security of the IPhone's screen to a big extent. Further, plastic is very flexible and won't shatter hence mostly preferred for these types of phones to avoid the cost of repairing a broken IPhone screen which costs too much hence for avoidance,this screen protector is recommended.

Anti-glare film

This is mostly considered for anti-reflective display. The technology is that the glass surface of the film is roughened and in the process it can scatter light and ward off glare. This protective screen will go a long way in protecting the eyes of the owner and in addition increase efficiency of usage anywhere.

Privacy screen protector

These are the best in terms of privacy when using phones in public such that upon installation, when one is not personally looking at their screen, it will appear darker hence restricting anyone from seeing your phone display but only you.

In conclusion

In conclusion

If you have an iPhone, it’s important to install a protection layer minimize on the chances of damages and subsequent costs of repairing or replacing the damaged screen.


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