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6 Creative Ways to Use QR Codes

Updated on January 8, 2016

To Keep Your App Up and Growing


QR (Quick Response) code is a powerful marketing tool that gained traction in just a last couple of years. Done right, it works great to boost app installs and engagement. Last year, 56% males and 44% females scanned a QR code to access a mobile app (Source: ExactTarget).

QR code acts as a bridge between offline and online; between physical and digital. Here’s how it works - Users see the QR code, scan it from their mobile device and get directed to your app’s landing page. It can be embedded in a whole lot of quirky and exciting ways, not only inciting the users to download the app but also growing brand identity at the same time.

QR codes have the potential to take customers out of their comfort zones and deliver an enriched shopping experience. Unlike other app marketing tools, QR codes are primed to get a Quick Response from the target audience. The great thing about QR codes is that they can be placed upon a multitude of things - Menus, brochures, business cards, receipts, storefront windows, t-shirts, web pages - Pretty much anything you can think of.

Using QR codes might seem to be a daunting task in the beginning. But once you know how to get it right, it has the potential to revolutionise the way you market your app. Here are 6 creative ways to use QR codes to take your app to a new level.

1. Self-Referential Ads

Self-referencing is defined as the act of pointing at yourself through the chosen medium. Simply put, self-referential ads are those that not only draw attention towards the product being advertised but also show some self-explanatory aspect of the product itself in the process. Here’s an inspiring example from the legendary app - Angry Birds


2. Virtual Store Set-up

As a retailer, you sell your product either in your brick-and-mortar store or your online store. Now just think, what if you can sell them in subways and metro stations. It surely will pull in more customers, especially the time-strapped ones. QR codes can do it for your business. A few brands have done it in the past, and quite successfully so. Pick a busy public spot and set up your virtual store there with life-like catalogue of your products embedded with QR codes. Voila! The untapped revenue is ready to flow in your wallet.

3. Tag Your Products/Services

For businesses, getting ‘repeated visits from customers’ remains the most daunting question of all. Let us tell you, done right, QR codes can save the day! Say you run a restaurant and looking to get more orders from your existing customers. Well, how about printing your app’s QR code on the bill with an ad copy that goes something like this - “We hope you liked the food. Scan the code, download our app and get 10% off on your next order.” The end result – More orders, more engagement, more revenues!

4. Seasonal Gifts and Giveaways

Who doesn’t like to get gifts? Just think of it – Your target audience gets a little something with your app’s QR code printed on the pack. A creative gift can be an achingly powerful marketing tool to bring more users aboard, boost engagement and cultivate loyalty. Some businesses get intimidated by the idea of shelling out money on gifts and giveaways. But the fact is, you don’t have to go overboard or incur high costs on gifts. Think of some cheap, cool stuff – Key chains, diaries, greeting cards and so forth.


5. Put it on Employees’ T-Shirts

For the lazy ones to whom the whole QR code affair seems to be all too outgoing and exhausting, consider getting the code printed on your employees’ tees or vests, especially the ones who deal directly with the customer’s day in and day out.

6. Embed it in the Physical Store

If you are in the retail business, you are likely to have a brick-and-mortar store along with a mobile app. If you do, you can make use of the real estate smartly, getting QR codes printed on storefront windows, billing counter, kiosk and more. Think of it as utilising your existing space as an advertisement area without having to incur extra money.

Wondering where to create custom QR codes for your app? There are some really good online app builders out there that feature custom QR code generator. So go for it – Pick a good mobile app creator, make your own app, generate your unique QR code, deploy it in the most creative ways possible and make the most of it to grow your app.


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