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6 Mistakes Every Beginner Web Designer Needs to Get Rid Of

Updated on March 25, 2020
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Prachi has worked as a freelance writer since 2012. When not writing, she helps people with web design and development.

Newcomers in web designing have to face lots of hurdles to achieve the final perfect design. There’s a need for an intact process to be followed to achieve the goal. Making errors is nothing new for beginners, it is just a part of gaining experience. Meanwhile, here I have listed a few common errors that most of the beginners in web and graphic designers may face:

1. Mismatch of Color Combination

Pairing the right colors together is itself an art and requires a sense of professionalism. It is a common mistake made by newcomers. Since there are certain rules to be followed while choosing the colors and they are almost unaware of such things, so they use whatever pour out in their mind. Color branding is an important aspect of every project, for it makes it easier for the user to understand the information quickly.

Wrong colors can cause miscommunication between the user and the UI. For example, using the same color for wrong and right input can confuse the user, if he/she has entered the correct details or not.

Sites like "" and "lolcolors" provide great knowledge of color theory and composition of colors.

2. Inappropriate use of fonts

The font size has its own standard, which needs to be followed strictly by every designer. Most of the beginners tend to use different fonts so many times on a single page to highlight the design, that it actually ends up looking messy and crowded. If the project has no mentioned guidelines, then the design becomes cumbersome and eventually, can miscommunicate the message.

To improve at this part, make sure to learn about typography and refer to guidelines (if given) else find references to know the correct font type and font size.

3. Does not comply with grid size

Following grid size is very important to deliver consistent design across the whole page. The irregularities at this point can cause serious damage to the final project. Since web projects are quite an expensive task, it is important to carefully use each grid. It helps to maintain the delivery of correct information flow.

Moreover, grid plays an important role in making the pages responsive and successfully, helps to fit the entire screen of different devices such as mobile, tablet and laptop.

The best way is to practice the design arrangement through imaginary lines with the help of standard guidelines mentioned in the design application.

4. Ignoring the contrast in design

Neglecting the importance of background design in contrast with the content may lead to a noisy final design. It can be messy as well as extremely distracting. Wrong contrast can also cause poor content accessibility. People with low vision can find it impossible to read the text due to the low contrast of the background.

Finding a good contrast requires practice with colors, fonts, and size of design elements. Try every possible combination and notice which one perfectly delivers the expected message to the viewers.

5. Not Utilizing White Space

Most of the beginners tend to show over-creativity on the design, which may damage the authenticity of the final output. Do not try to fill the entire page with different elements, causing it to look over-crowded and confusing the end user.

It is important to leave some white space as it helps to highlight the important text and then, user can focus on the relevant content.

Most of the professionals prefer to use white as the background and make sure to leave some spaces so that the thought is not exaggerated.

The right way to use white space comes from experience. Practice as much as possible to create an elegant balance.

6. UI Design inconsistency

UI Design is the most important aspect of all in the process of delivering the final project. This is the ultimate site shown to the end users and their next visit solely depends on their first experience with the UI.

Inconsistency in design may lead to bad user experience causing him/her trouble to find what they are looking for.


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