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Best Python IDEs for Windows

Updated on September 6, 2012


Are you new to Python? Do you want to write some code, but at the same time you are to much of a Microsoft/Windows fan to consider using a Linux based OS? Well your search is over.

Just like you I've recently started learning Python. First I tried learning using Linux Mint Maya version. It was good, I admit it, but I felt like something was missing, I didn't feel 'like home'. That's why I started coding on Windows. I tried some IDEs till I found the right one, so to spare you some time I decided to summarise what I've experienced, and let you decide which is the IDE for you.

1. PyCharm

PyCharm was the first IDE I tried. It seems to be very popular among experienced users, and it has tons of options designed to make programming more efficient.

The first time I opened it I felt a little discouraged. It looked neat, but at the same time it seemed a bit too complex for a beginner such as me. But after I got accustomed with it, I must say it was a nice experience. The program runs pretty smooth, and the interface, besides being pleasing to the eye, is quite user-friendly.


  • Only 30 days trial
  • Commercial version costs nearly 200$
  • Could be too complex for a beginner


  • Highly efficient
  • Neat and user-friendly interface
  • Good online support
  • Preferred by professionals

2.Wingware Python IDE

This was my second pick. The Wingware IDE was also highly recommended by the online community:

"Serious Python developers should take a serious look at Wing IDE"

--Doctor Dobb's Journal

I chose it mainly because it had both Windows and Linux interfaces so I could easily use it on both of my workspaces. The interface seemed even more complex than PyCharm's, but I managed to work with it. Just like PyCharm, Wingware is very stable, has plenty of options, and can easily be customised to fit every programmer's needs.

Among its many features, the one I enjoyed the most was the auto-complete feature. Of course it isn't the only Python IDE with an auto-complete feature, but out of those that I tried it was by far the best.


  • For a beginner the interface may seem too complex
  • Only a 10-day trial
  • Commercial License is about 250$


  • Many useful features
  • Recommended by professionals
  • Good online support
  • Can be used both on Windows and on many Linux distributions

3. Komodo Edit

To be honest, I didn't get to use Komodo Edit . A good friend of mine, who actually convinced me to start learning Python recommended it. He's been using it for some time and he has only good things to say about it.

Komodo edit works on Windows, Linux and Mac OS, so no matter what OS you preffer, Komodo is there for you. The interface is pretty clean and intuitive. Just like the other two IDEs I've already covered this one has many useful features, making it a truly professional IDE.

Unlike Wingware, Komodo isn't specially designed for Python. It can also be used for other programming languages such as: PHP, Ruby, JS and Perl, making it a truly versatile IDE.


  • 21-day trial period
  • A license including support is almost 400$


  • Useful features
  • Supported on Windows, Linux and Mac OS
  • Versatile (can be used for PHP, Ruby, JS, Perl)
  • Great online support

P.S. Even though it's the most expensive, out of the three "pay-for" IDEs this is by far the best. So if you are planning on spending some money, this is my sincere recommendation.

If you are planning to pay, don't be cheap. It's worth every penny;)

This is all for now. I'll soon post about 3 other free-license IDEs for Windows. Stay tuned.


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    • profile image

      cloder 3 years ago

      Also i like to use Codelobster:

    • profile image

      Jesse 4 years ago

      Try Ninja,

    • softhard profile image

      softhard 5 years ago from Kathmandu

      I am not a regular Python programmer. I have tried pycharm before when I was learning python. And it is easy to use. Jetbrain products are great. I am regular user of idea,Teamcity, resharper.

    • Syra Mhbed profile image

      Syra Mhbed 5 years ago from Bucharest

      Thanks, I'll probably add it in the update, in 1-2 days.

    • Nesbyte profile image

      Nesbyte 5 years ago from UK

      Great hub, very informative. "Eclipse" is another IDE that's rather good.