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6 Tips to Protect your iPhone's Screen.

Updated on July 28, 2017

It's something that we can all relate to; you buy a new handset after saving for a year. But before you can enjoy the blistering speed or the outstanding specs, your smartphone slides off your hands hitting the concrete 'face' first. The result is a shuttered screen and unusable device. It's a harrowing experience. So, what are some of the safety tips you can employ to keep your smartphone protected?

Here are some guidelines towards this. Read on.

The Mystery: Why Smartphones Mostly Land Screen Down when they Fall

Come to think of it. Why is it that whenever your smartphone falls, there's a 90 percent chance it will hit the ground screen first? Is it the Murphy's law? Is it the effect of gravity?

In depth research by the Motorola company came up with some interesting findings.

The lead researcher Robert Matthews, who has previously won the Ig Nobel prize found that, for most of the times, people hold their smartphones just below the center of gravity.

This inexplicably makes the smartphone unstable and when it slides of the hands, it starts spinning.

But what actually makes it land screen first is that the front face is heavier than the back and this makes increases the probability of the screen remaining down during the last spin. The result is a shuttering with the surface and a broken screen.

6 Tips to Keep Your iPhone's Screen Protected.

1. Use a glass screen protector

A glass protector acts as the shock absorber thus minimizing the pressure that would be exerted on the iPhone screen and cause possible cracking.

Unless the impact is excessive, the glass protector is the one that breaks thus safeguarding the underlying screen.

2. Install a smartphone case

While a covering may obscure the underlying beauty of your iPhone smartphone, it also reduces the resultant impact on your iPhone if it happens to fall down owing to its thick layer.

If you still aim to retain the glitter of your smartphone, you can buy a casing that closely resembles the smartphones body color shade.

3. Have a transparent sticker for the back cover

4. Invisible shield glass

A glass screen protector safeguards the iPhone screen if it accidentally slips out of hand.
A glass screen protector safeguards the iPhone screen if it accidentally slips out of hand. | Source


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