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6 steps to improve email marketing to increase sales

Updated on May 1, 2016

Facts have proven that we can not deny the power of Email Marketing in the Internet Marketing field today, it's not just the usual letters, but also a method of increasing sales revenue is extremely great. So how can make the most of this application? There is a huge difference between simply increase the number of people in your contacts and conduct a subtle promotion by email helps increase the number of visitors to your website and generate sales opportunities direct.

The following steps will help you maximize the power of the arts marketing by electronic mail.
1. Testing the membership form Careers

"Divide and conquer" (split test) is a concept that was born not long ago and is considered to be a very effective tool in the "toolkit" of online marketers.

You can inspect and survey the "metamorphosis" of the main difference your website during a promotional campaign to determine what combination will bring the most number of people registered to receive occasional emails that you have send.

How pretty simple. With the same website content, you give the design model or sample different formats in all different times of the marketing period, from placement-frame "Register" to the selected color look for the button "Register now" are all forms of "Divide and conquer" that you can use and see what is the best model in terms of statistics log.

To begin with this job, find counseling support of the program e-mail administrator.

2. "Divide and conquer" promotion message

Obviously, promotional messages can also see useful tool for market testing.

These are the messages you sent simultaneously for its customer groups and see what their reaction is completely different with periodic email templates are closely monitored and sent to the customer at a point of time has predefined.

Newsletters usually introduces the latest information, including the launch of new products or sales marketing program, so it should take little to improve their efficiency.

Think of the ability to use tools, "Divide and conquer" in the subject line and the last action call letters, while the content is kept in the promotional messages.

Even the smallest improvements in open rates and clicks on a link key can also make a significant difference in the ROI of marketing activities to your email.

3. Customer Survey

Owning the customer's email address is the potential additional market research.

For example, if you are hesitant to lower prices for products or product X Y then conducted a survey and use email to customers asking for their feedback. You can also collect their demographic data exploration phase through it.

4.Giup support before trading back
Many people think that simply by e-mail marketing to highlight their offerings, but that is not the one who made way professional email marketing.

Instead, use the electronic messages to send out useful information and enhance your relationship with customers. As customers look to you as an expert in the field of business, of course you will have the chance to increase sales.

5.Phan single customer list

Design content for a specific customer groups as appropriate, successful performance of the higher marketing program.

The essence lies in the skills segment of the mailing list based on some certain characteristics. For example, you can divide the past recipients of the money they have spent to buy from you or through the mail you sent to remain open.

In addition, testing of different segments form, you will create the advertising message more attractive and relevant to the recipient to increase sales opportunities.

Any collapse 6.Dinh mailing list

Send those who never opened and read or not interested in it anymore, then it's pointless. Most email marketing programs are defined by the amount of charge by email, send, so every month you need to check the list and remove those who are not excited about your message.

With the above steps you can really see great things from Email Marketing and sales will bring surprise for your business.


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