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6 Things To Do To Speed Up Your Computer

Updated on December 6, 2013

Speed matters the most!

There are many features of computer and speed is one of them. Computer is a very fast machine which processes millions, billions of instructions and data in a fraction of a second. Nowadays, high end graphical games and apps are popular. Such types of software require a lot of processing power and can slow down a standard computer which doesn't meet their recommendation. So, I will show you how to fix up some common speed errors and problems and speed up your PC.

About speed of a computer..

Note that we are talking about processing speed of a computer, not internet.

So, at first lets see which part is directly related to the speed of computer? Of course, it is the CPU or specifically saying, the processor. The microprocessor chip, RAM and GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) are the major hardware component of speed. The better they are, faster your computer. OS and the software you are running is also vital for your computer speed.

#1 Upgrade your hardware.

Speed of your computer is highly related to your hardware, specially CPU, RAM and GPU. If you have old version of these components, software speed isn't going to matter much. In processor, i5 Core processor by Intel is recommended for gamers and i7 for casual gamers and standard users. At least 4 GB of RAM is recommended for all users. You won't need good GPU if you are just a standard user but GPU is heart and soul for hardcore gaming.

Processing power of a microprocessor mostly depends upon its core numbers and frequency.

# 2 Run a complete disk clean up

In windows, you can just search for "Disk Cleanup" to run the default disk cleanup software. Disk Cleanup cleans most temporary files, error logs, memory dump files, security reports etc. In my computer, if I run disk cleanup after 15 days, I can free up o 500 MB of disk space. It also frees up load on RAM and cache. So the programs will have less files to search and will run faster.

Disk cleanup removes some registry files that you no longer use which will avoid lag in your computer.

Anti Virus software can effectively protect your data from threats.
Anti Virus software can effectively protect your data from threats.

Which Antivirus do you prefer for your computer?

See results

# 3 Get an anti-virus or anti-malware

Computer Virus! They are one of the most terrifying and irritating problems of today. Computer viruses and malwares are designed to corrupt your data and destroy your computer. Most of the viruses corrupt and steal you data, change your information, occupy large memory space, dump unnecessary files and most importantly, slow down your PC!

To avoid getting your computer infected by virus and to remove any existing virus, anti-virus are highly recommended. Anti virus detect and remove viruses from your computer. Many awesome anti-virus are available on the market. So if you are a victim of computer viruses, then purchase a anti-virus and fix up you PC. I prefer this free anti-malware for removing viruses in my computer.

#4 Defragment you disk

Most of our files are scattered over our hard disk. Separate portion of a same file or program can be in different areas of the disks. So, while processing that information the computer has to go to many places for a single things. Though its a matter of nanoseconds, this considerably slows thing up. So what do we do? We can gather up all the files and put them in one location. Here's how to do it in windows:

Right click on any of you local drives and go to properties. In the top of properties window, select Tools. In tools menu, you can see the option Defragment Now. You can select the option to start defragment process.

Dfragmentation of disk is a long process, so it can take up to few hours.

#5 Manage you graphics

If you are running on low end hardware, new graphical features, games and software can really slow down your PC. As latest graphics consume lot of processing power, you can cut off some features you don't need. The Aero feature in Windows 7 and 8 can be disabled to speed up your PC. Icon smoothing, transparent windows, animation etc. can be disabled to decrease the load of graphics.

#6 Customize your programs

Many people have many unused programs installed in their computers, specially freewares. Installed programs run background processes which you don't see directly. These programs can also increase the load on your CPU and slow down your PC. So, you should uninstalled programs and software which you don't use much.

Another problem of programs is Startup. Many software like Skype run when your computer opens and they stay in background. Thus, they slow down PC. To stop such programs from running at the start, you can deselect them from MS-config.

First, go to run (Windows key+R) and type "msconfig" then on the top bar, go to Startup. Deselect any software or program you don't want to run and click apply. This prevents those programs from running when your PC starts next time.

BONUS: Registry Cleanup

Registry Cleanup is a process of cleaning up errors in registry files of you computer. It cleans infection by malwares and common errors of programs. Registry cleanup can erase old data remains of uninstall software. It can restore corrupted data of the OS. In short, registry cleanup removes common errors and infection of system files and data.

Registry clean up can be done in many ways but a cleaner software is easiest method. Wise Registry Cleaner is a good choice for free cleaner. This is completely free, no trials or cost.

Hope, you can solve your speed problem with these tips. Thank you for reading!


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