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7 Headphone Alternatives to Beats By Dr Dre

Updated on October 13, 2017
Craig Easom profile image

Craig has been a writer on HubPages since 2013. He is currently studying for Marketing at Nottingham Trent University—in the land of Robin.

Best Earphones for Playing the Hit Tunes in 2017 - Taking Beats By Dr Dre Off the Table, These Are the Greatest Premium Earphones On the Market Today
Best Earphones for Playing the Hit Tunes in 2017 - Taking Beats By Dr Dre Off the Table, These Are the Greatest Premium Earphones On the Market Today

Apple Earphones (#1) - nothing comes close in the headphone market to Apple’s classic earphones, as they are the best premium product earphones for your money. They have the classical white coated finish, improved and made for comfort ear settlers, and the sound quality is the perfect blend for anti-irritation and smooth sound output.

Whether you are on a plane ride, commuting on the train to work, sat in a cafe sipping on the creamy latte, Apple’s 2017 basic but still premium headphones is the pair for the average MP3 and Smartphone music listener. But, what truly stands out about the Apple earphones in 2017 is their durability to last the test of time, light bangs and foot stomps, and the all-but-too often tangles that begins to emerge after a two hour trip in the car to work to find the earphones in multiple entanglement at the bottom of your gym bag. Less than a minute later, and the multiple tangles on the Apple earphones are back to a neat and straight alignment, and are now usable once again.

Myself, personally, I have used Apple earphones as my driving earphones since the early days of the iPhone, perhaps it was the generation two iPhone, the iPhone 3G. I have used these earphones for travelling, work, home living, and overall entertainment. The 2017 Apple earphones are the best yet, and they have only gone and got better, as the wireless EarPods are my all time favourite headphones.

What are Apple EarPods? (#2) Well, in 2017 Apple has become the largest provider of music devices and accessories, having in 2016 acquired the Beats By Dr Dre brand, and this has enabled them the majority of the market shares. The Apple EarPods have been released in the most innovative of ways, as they have found a way to get rid of the tangled wires once and for all. The EarPods are wireless (in case this wasn’t already obvious), and comes wire a charging case, as well as a carrying case. The biggest fears of owning the wireless headset from Apple is the possibility of dropping them, the ear pieces falling out of your ears, or for them to get lost (and, probably later found down a wedge in the side of the cars seats). All of this is… whatever, because these wireless earphones are awesome. However, they are pricey, and will set you back £160, just to give a rough estimate.

Not bothered about innovation in earphone designs and functioning, and just want the basic design, but the best possible quality earphone accessory for your money. Then, the original Apple earphones will be your go to, and soon your greatest friend amongst all of your mobile phone accessories, and the price is right costing a rough estimate of £25. Now, that’s a bargain when compared to other premium headset brands on the open market. How is it possible for Apple to sell premium headphones at such a low price? Well, Apple is a growth led business, and by having premium earphones at such a fair price, they can focus on growing their market share on the lower priced goods end, and then ease these consumers into the rest of Apple’s portfolio of premium goods. Anyways, once you have bought a pair of Apple earphones, it only makes sense to get its ultimate ally on your side, the iPhone.

Beatsx Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones with Mic/Remote (#3) - Still, the wireless earphones are the future for the earphone/headphone market, as wires are just not worth the bother. Beats by Dre Dre’s wireless/bluetooth headset is one that stands out, and not only because of its price cut from the AirPods. The cost of buying a Beatsx wireless headset is roughly between £105 and £130. The Beatsx headphone rests comfortably in your ears, and there is a strap that goes over the back of your neck, so these would be ideal for workouts. Thanks to the strap, if the earphone plugs fall out your ears, they will hang around your neck instead of potentially falling out and then lost to the whereabouts of the unknown, and never to be seen again. Plus, Apple now owns Beats By Dr Dre so you known the company brand is one that can be trusted.

Jaybird RUN True Wireless Sweat & Weather-Resistant Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones with Mic/Remote, Drift (#4) - A little to the side of - designed for running, these earphones are out top pick for anyone with the consistent urge to go running, as these earphones fit like a dream, and look absolutely stunning. The perfect combination of endurance, stamina, and speed - as these will be the only things you’ll be worrying about whilst wearing these earphones on your next long run. Need we say more. No, not a runner? Well, they still look stunning, and the brand logo is a bird (well, duh!). The branding is cute, and the earphones are practical for those constantly on the go and have had it with the untangling of wires on an hourly basis. Costs roughly £175.

Sony WI-1000X Noise Cancelling Wireless bluetooth NFC High Resolution Audio In-Ear Headphones with Mic/Remote & Neckband (#5) - Costing roughly £300, these are perhaps not the headphones for everyone, and if you are not on the move constantly and in the market looking for something truly great and unique, then you would be better suited to one of our earlier headphone brands, listed above.

These headphones have their downsides, and one of the biggest problems was the inability to accept Sony as a viable brand for the headphone market. This may only be me, and probably is, but in purchasing these headphones I went into the purchase the way I would if someone forced me to buy a Sony smartphone. In truth, I haven’t bought a Sony smartphone in my entirely life, and I am not planning on doing so at any point in the foreseeable future, so why would I want a pair of their headphones. But, in use, they feel simply stunning, and is the perfect way to cut all of your senses off from the world around you. Running is great, and for those who enjoy doing so outside - your best friend and accomplice is the Jaybird RUN earphones, but for those who take their love of running to the chaotic and loud gym, then maybe you want some earphones that are built for the environment (noise-cancelling technology), and heck, they are even wireless and come fitted with a neck strap.

Bose Quiet Control Noise Cancelling QC30 Bluetooth/NFC Wireless In-Ear Headphones with Mic/Remote (#6) - Costing roughly £255, this is the closest competition for the noise cancelling technology headphones that could be the best choice for those who are not accustomed (and have know plans on being…) to the Sony branded earphones, and are looking for the alternate brand. Bose is a technology company that specialise in audio technology, and offer some greatly overlooked earphones and headsets.

Bowers and Wilkins C5 Series 2 Earphones (#7) - Costing roughly £120, these earphones are great for noise-cancelling, but probably best when used for casual day to day movements, and not for full-blown fitness activities. These are my current driving earphones, and so maybe I am a little biased when it comes to my opinions of the brand. But, no once can deny that these earphones have been designed uniquely, and they fit with great comfort in the ears. And, the only grievance that I would have with the product is its discomfort in wearing whilst lying in a bed with your head to the side of the pillow, as in this circumstance they did in to the sides of the ear lobes (not a problem for the Apple earphones), and when doing prolonged cardiovascular activities, as in this circumstance they also dig into the sides of your ears. Overall, a bold and unique choice, and you won’t regret the purchase (unless their sole use is for cardiovascular exercise or side napping in bed).

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    • Bivin Philip profile image

      Bivin Philip 

      11 months ago

      How come neither JBL nor Seinnheiser earphones made it to the list?


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