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7 Reasons to Buying Apple iPhone 7 Instead of Samsung Galaxy

Updated on August 15, 2016

Comparison of Apple iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy

7 Reasons to Buying Apple iPhone 7

Updates and maintenance:

Apple is way to far from any of the android phone developers like Samsung. Because apple gives regular IOS updates for the for the iPhone no matters what is the model they are all upto date. But like Samsung and other android devices they don't provide the updates to all their users but after sometime they even stop supporting their old devices.

Works great with all your devices equally:

If you are a regular apple user you own a Mac book a iPad a iPhone and you carry lots of data with you than don't worry apple has a solution to this to you don't need any cable to transfer your data the apple id that you have you can access your data very easily using it. Just log in and all your pictures and data will be sync and you will have it on both of your devices. But unlike this Samsung does not provides any thing like this.

Resale and value back in market:

Apple iPhone has a great feature of its own that it holds its place in market even after a long time. I mean when you will sale your iPhone in the market after on or two years as compared to Samsung it will cost you benefit because apple holds its position in market for long time. But Samsung as compared to this drops its value after a week or a two and at that time phone is available in almost half price and brand new.

Charging and USB cable:

Their are two types of cable that are widely using now a days. One is micro USB and other is what apple user are using lightning cable. Lightning cable almost deleted the risk of damage to the port of the mobile. Because they don't give any preference for how to insert this cable into the port. This lighting cable is fast and reliable. But if we see at the micro USB cable their is a risk of damage to the port of the mobile if we insert the cable wrong or upside down. This cable is slow and slow charging rate is also slow. So in that case lightning cable is far best than micro USB cable.

Storage Usage:

iPhone has traveled a long way and now I can say no one has the alternative method that how iPhone uses its storage. I mean if you have a 32, 64 or 120Gb iPhone than it can be very faster and better than a Samsung device which with a extendable storage upto 200 GB. Because external storage can never be used as we can use the internal storage. External storage is not fast and not that reliable it can easily be lost or stolen by someone

Look and design:

Almost iPhone6 and Samsung Galaxy S7 has a same shape and size but some of the thing that really mess with me is that Samsung has made a quite good looking back of S7 with gorilla glass back it provides a firm grip on the phone but wait a sec if you go on for a bit long using your phone you will notice that the rear of your shiny new Samsung Device is turning to oily smudges and greasy finger print marks. It don't looks good and this what iPhone has made it unique. iPhone will not get any mark even if you hold it for a whole day in your hand. So in this case i Phone wins because not only shape matters its after effects also matters a lot.


This is very unique and well know feature of iPhone that it has a world class security. You don't have to worry about your personal data even when you have lost your phone because your apple id will protect your data and keep it secure and no one who don't know you id ans password can interact with your device and all your data you can restore by simply typing your apple id and password on i tunes or another apple device. So risk of data lost cancelled but if we look at Samsung or any other company they don't provide security at all. You have to look for your own security. So be ware.

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