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7 Weird Odd Android Phones and Devices Ever: Microwave? Espresso Machine? 3D Picture Frame? Flip Phone? Huh?

Updated on June 27, 2018

Some More Oddball Android Devices

Android OS clearly had a lot of adopters for smartphones. However, here are some truly odd devices that will have you completely befuddled in "Who came up with this idea?" Some of these are old, but some are brand new.

Apresso, the Android espresso machine
Apresso, the Android espresso machine | Source


Apresso is an Android-powered espresso machine.

No, I am NOT kidding.

Dock your phone, and it will immediately sync with device, learn your identity, and brew your favorite coffee.

It will even read QR code off each Keurig K-pods to make sure you actually feed in the right flavor.

It's also a music player. It has side speakers.

Learn more about Apresso at Yanko Design

Touch Revolution NIMble Microwave powered by Android
Touch Revolution NIMble Microwave powered by Android | Source

Touch Revolution Android Microwave

No, this is NOT a joke. This Microwave runs Android. And they also made a washer-dryer with Android as a demo.
This is not a product you can buy though. Touch Revolution is a technology developer that wants to add touch interface to many things, and they made two testbeds for display at CES, and it sure shows some capabilities and makes you wonder about how smart the devices can get in the future... Your microwave will actually play Pandora Internet radio... and so on...

Learn more about Touch Revolution Android Microwave at Pocket Lint

Nikon NF-300i Android-powered 3D smart photo frame
Nikon NF-300i Android-powered 3D smart photo frame | Source

Nikon NF-300i

Since when Nikon makes tablet computers, you wonder?

And you'd be right... This is not a tablet. This is a photo frame. That's right... Photo frame that runs Android...

And it is a 3D glasses-free photo frame. It uses lenticular effect (similar to Nintendo 3DS) for the 3D. It of course will also do clock, calendar, and weather, plus other things...

Learn moreabout Nikon 3D Picture Frame at Wired

Motorola HS1001 Home Cordless Phone
Motorola HS1001 Home Cordless Phone | Source

Motorola HS1001

This is a phone from Motorola

This is a phone that runs Android.

However, it's a home cordless phone, not a wireless phone.

Why would you want a cordless phone to run Android? I have no idea.

Learn more about the Motorola HS1001 at Ubergizmo

Samsung W899 Android Flip Phone
Samsung W899 Android Flip Phone | Source

Samsung SCH-W899

Samsung's phone for Chinese market is a regular flip-phone, except it actually does run Android as you can see on the screen. And yes, it is a touchscreen phone.

And it has two screens... both inside and outside. When you close the phone, all the content in the "inside" screen transfers to the outside.

Will it ever been introduced for other markets? Who knows? This strangely traditional-looking phone hides the heart of an Android... Interesting.

Learn more about Samsung's Android flip phone at Android Central

Motorola i886
Motorola i886 | Source

Motorola i886

The i886 is a normal phone for the iDEN network. It is NOT a touchscreen phone

However, as you can see from the screen, it is an Android phone. The notification bar and such are identical. If you flip it open there is a full QWERTY keyboard underneath, in a similar form factor as LG enV series.

It runs on the old Nextel (now Sprint) iDEN network, what made "push-to-talk" famous.

Learn more about Motorola i886 from Engadget

Kyocera Echo, with two screens "combined"
Kyocera Echo, with two screens "combined" | Source

Kyocera Echo

Kyocera Echo is just introduced today for Sprint, and it is indeed a weird duck. it has TWO 3.5" screens that combines into a 4.7 inch screen if you want to use it that way. The strange hinge allows you to combine it into a single screen, turn it into a tiny palmtop by using one screen as a virtual keyboard, or use only one screen by folding the other screen under it. Sprint also claimed that you can run two separate apps on the separate screens.

This phone is 3G only though, no WiMAX support for Sprint 4G network. And no idea about battery life running two screen, but it is definitely the weirdest Android phone thus far.

Learn more about Kyocera Echo at Mobilecrunch


That's it for now! Stay tuned for even MORE strange Android devices!

In the meanwhile, check out some other Android stuff!


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I actually like that flip phone! Did you know that it has two touchscreens on it? I bet you didn't!

    • mahadevank profile image


      9 years ago from Bangalore

      Super article...the first idea is very though provoking


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