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7 most effective ways to spam blocking

Updated on November 9, 2010

spam protection

Most effective way to prevent spam from your computer

Spam emails sometimes can be very annoying, and poses greater risks to your computer hardware and software. Receiving spam emails you are expose yourself to unknown programs that include virus and pornography. Once you view one of the spam emails, be sure that whatever intention of the spam was will be replicated on to your machines. Spam is mostly in the form of junk mail, these are unsolicited mails that you normally receive in your inbox.

IT professional have been facing a tougher challenge to provide solution to Network Security, Professional have the disadvantage of defeating against new forms of email threats such as spam zombies, directory harvest attacks, mass mailing Trojans, as well as the latest email virus. Spam are always working day and night and do not sleep.

Below are the most effective ways to beat spam software

1. Never view unsuspected spam email – remember that immediately you opened this kind of communications, you are allowing these programs to replicate in your computer

2. Anti-Virus Scan – always use antivirus scan software. There are so many Anti Virus software that will help prevent and remove such spam from your computer, Most anti-virus software are good at detecting viral threats that proliferate email spam such as mass mailing worms, Trojans, and directory harvesters. Examples of this Antivirus Software include – Norton, MacAfee, Kerspasrky and many more. Run your Anti Virus software regular and perform necessary updates

3. Reverse DNS – helps to compare email domain name to filter out unwanted spam, always set up setup and configure reverse DNS records on your DNS server.

4. Black hole list – refers to a database or listing of known spam sources. Configure your modem to query incoming mails against blacklist and block all communication from these sources

5. Perform Email Filtering - Use mail filter software such as Postini, Brightmail and Spam Soap. The beauty of Email Filtering is that they quarantine spam, viruses, and email threats before reaching the email servers on your network or computer

6. Windows Firewall – which normally comes with your operating system, will help managed unwanted programs by blocking them from being viewed. This is the very fierst step in fighting spam, in Firewall Setting always set it to allow spam filtering by turning it on

7. You can prevent junk mail by Block Port 25, which is used for email traffic through SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol).

8. The other way to prevent spam is by Checking Relay Setting which controls which computers and servers are able to send SMTP email. This allows the authorized computer send communications.

The other way to fight spam, junk is going the Chinese way by installing China antispam software how far will this go, most companies like dell and HP might resist this move as earlier done by intel in 2004

SecurityGateway Email Spam Firewall Overview

Commtouch Anti-Spam Cartoon


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    • Double Down profile image

      Double Down 

      9 years ago

      I'm with you on #5. Taking a few hours to build relevant filters can end up savings literally days in a year


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