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7 things to consider before buying a used laptop

Updated on August 1, 2017

7 things to consider before buying a used laptop - Laptop has become a special requirement needed to support work activities or lectures. However, the price of a new laptop is not cheap. The price of the new cheapest laptop at this time there is a range of 2.9 million and above.

For new students from underprivileged families this is certainly burdensome. One way to keep a laptop is to buy a used laptop.

Actually buying a used laptop does not hurt, as long as it is still good and can be used. This is because the age of the laptop can usually last up to 10 years. As a proof one of my laptops is 10 years old and still can still be used even though the windows xp os.

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However, when going to decide to buy a used laptop there are some things to note. Here are the things you must know.


Make sure you know the age of the used laptop you want to buy. You can find out from the year of discharge (made) laptop. This you need to pay attention because it affects the age of laptop components. Like the age of hard drives and ram.


Old laptop batteries usually have been damaged. Well, make sure whether the battery is damaged or not. If it is damaged then surely the price of the laptop is cheaper again.

If you want to use it for mobile activity (working field) then the needs of laptop battery is important. But if only used at home then it does not matter.


There is a need to pay attention to the process used. See the type and brand whether it matches the operating system you want to use or not. Selection of the wrong processor can cause the laptop to be slow and often stuck.

4. RAM

Ram is also an important thing to note. This is because the operating system and certain programs require large ram.


Older laptops usually have smaller hard drives. Check the capacity of the hard drive that is used whether as needed or not. If the hard drive is not good then it should be replaced with a new one. This is to prevent data will not be lost at any time an error occurs.

6. VGA

VGA is also a very important thing. The wrong selection of vga can result in you being unable to play high resolution video. For example, my old laptop can not play 720p and 1080pPast resolutions. If played then the video will be slow and jammed.


Make sure the laptop you want to buy in good condition and good. To make sure you can do it by opening the laptop to make sure the components used are not obsolete.

Second, try running and playing 1080p resolution video and other programs together. If the laptop suddenly goes dead means there is an error between the processor, ram or the laptop fan. But if it can be played normally or lag, then there is no problem.

So this article about 7 Things To Look For Before Buying a Used Laptop. Hope can help in the assessment when going to buy a used laptop.


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