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7 uses of mobile spy software

Updated on June 12, 2012

spy software

7 uses of mobile spy software

Technology has got its own benefits and drawbacks. Today, mobile phones play a vital role in major crimes happening around us. Calls made and text messages send from isolated locations helps the criminals to communicate with each other that can be easily erased without even leaving any evidence. With the emergence of mobile spy software, things have changed a lot. This latest hi-tech spying software silently records all the activities of the mobile phone which need to be accessed and monitored. All you need to do is install this revolutionary software into the phone of a person, to start the spy work. This can be the phone your spouse who, you think, is cheating on you.

This innovative software is quite simple to use and easy to install. All you need to do is enter into the site and fill in the billing information and place the order. Once you are done with the deal, you will get a registration code, software link that is to be downloaded and key sequence to be followed to set up the interface into your e-mail. You have to create an account with username and password by entering the registration code send to the mail. Then on clicking the link, you may download the software and install it on the smart phone you wish to monitor and gather the information. The program will get installed in a complete secret mode. Once installed, adjust the settings by following the set of instructions in order to set up the interface.

This technology works on most of the major platforms including iPhone, Symbian, Blackberry, Android, and Windows. In addition, it is compatible with iPad too.

Once the software is installed on the mobile phone that is to be monitored, it records all information including text message, updated contacts, call information, photos and other images taken and send, web browsing history, GPS location, and so on. The main advantage is that all the information will be monitored and updated even when the cell is powered off.

Another important aspect of this software is its real time access. All the logs will be safely uploaded to your spy account which can be easily accessed with the help of your username and password. You can easily log into the account at any time to collect the information without accessing the mobile phone.

The LIVE control panel allows live monitoring and thereby helps you to keep control over the mobile safely from any location. This enables you to view the screen of the mobile with current GPS location. This feature also allows you to send SMS commands instantly to control the device through which you may locate current GPS, unlock or lock the device, SIM information and lots more.

It is also very comfortable to use, you don’t have to access the mobile phone directly to collect information and to get updated on your spy account. You may access your account from anywhere around the globe.

You may record all the information and get updates from your account without even giving a clue to the user. It works silently, invisible to the user.

In addition to that the software is available at comparatively low cost with outstanding and competitive features.

In this manner, with the help of this software, you can easily trace and solve a number of crimes keeping the information available as solid evidence.


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