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8 Reasons Facebook Is Ruining Your Business Potential

Updated on July 31, 2014

Facebook OWNS your business page, your content, your photos and your likes and Facebook can close your page down without warning.

Is it worth risking your business?

Ask yourself this question:

“Did I set up a Facebook page for my work at home business simply because everyone else does?"

Did you say “Yes”?

Then ask yourself:

“Why am I selling my products on Facebook, instead of setting up a website or using a dedicated online marketplace”?

Was it because it was a free, easy solution?

That is the typical response given. Facebook is free to use. That is a true fact! You can easily upload images of your items. People comment ‘sold’ on them and voila you have made a sale.

Sounds familiar? Is that what you are doing? Or do you know someone who is?

I think it is time that you understood just how risky this is for you and for your business.

Let's uncover the facts and empower you to take a step in the right direction today!

Facebook is simple a great networking tool

We all know what Facebook is, and we all know how great it is as a networking tool. There is no denying that if your target market is the demographic that use Facebook you have almost an endless supply of potential customers right at your fingertips.

But that is where it should stop.

Explore what Facebook can do for you but convert your fans and followers into sales outside of Facebook. That is probably the last thing you would expect to hear when you see so many businesses doing exactly the opposite however it is time to be a leader, make your own destiny and stop following others.

Here are some very compelling reasons as to why selling on Facebook is bad for your work at home business.

Facebook OWNS Everything You Upload

Did you know that Facebook owns your content, photos and links? Yes! It does.

  • Did you take the time to read Facebook’s Terms of Service when you created your profile and business page? It owns the rights to do with your content as it pleases and even has the rights to sell access to it to whoever is willing to pay. Whilst they most likely will not do the latter, it is food for thought.

Google CANNOT See Your Products

You are missing out on one of the BEST sources of traffic. Free traffic.

Did you know that when you upload your images of products to sell that they do not get promoted individually in search engines.

  • Google cannot see them as saleable items. Even if your privacy settings are public, Google will only see them as images.
  • They will appear in Google image search (meaning they’ll easily be stolen) but won’t appear in a Google search for people looking to buy.

Facebook DOES NOT always notify you

How often have you found a comment on a status or an image well after it was written because you were not sent a notification?

What’s more, who runs a business relying on people commenting ‘sold’ on an image as a method to buy it? Think about it.

Not only is that not professional but more importantly Facebook is forever having glitches and you are not always notified of comments made.

Missing out on a sale because you were not notified and not replying to a potential customer’s query is not acceptable. There are lots of other work from home businesses out there who will respond.

Don’t miss out on a sale and lose a customer.

Facebook DICTATES how your Business Page Looks

Did you know that you do not own your Facebook business page?

  • Facebook constantly changes the goal posts, the layouts, the settings and the way pages operate and get notified. Who wants someone else controlling their business. Not to mention having to get your head around Edgerank; Facebook’s algorythm.
  • You cannot control how your business appears to others. You cannot change the colors, the fonts or the settings.
  • You can spend hours, days and weeks trying to understand Facebook and then they go and change things again.

You have NO way to collect customer contacts

Did you know that you don’t own your Facebook page likes?

  • As part of your relationship development you should be providing value in exchange for another method of contacting your customers. For example, getting an email address in exchange for a newsletter or an ebook.
  • Collecting these contacts offsite then means it becomes your properly (subject to the terms of your collection method.

Use Facebook for your business to gain followers, to build up your brand, to seek feedback and to interact with others in your industry, but direct them to an offsite ‘store’ where your products can be displayed and promoted professionally.

Use your time on Facebook building relationships with your customers and potential customers but let’s be honest. To be effective in business effective you shouldn’t be relying on “fans” alone.

Do not equate likes or social media friends with success unless they really benefit your business.

And whilst you may be comfortable with your ‘comment sold under image to buy’ sales method or your choice of Facebook third-party app, let me tell you that not everyone is. It took people a long time to get confident to purchase online in general. Purchasing within the Facebook platform is the next big step and not everyone is OK with that as yet.

Whether you sell on your own website or via an online marketplace, you are still responsible for directing your Facebook fans to these sites.

You still need to ‘sell’ your products. You still need to convince your buyers why your goods are a stand-out from your competitors. Send them to purchase your items outside of Facebook.

You will find that they will not only be more comfortable purchasing using a secure Paypal checkout functionality, but they know that when they purchase your products you will be notified.

They also know that you will receive the money and you know that you have a method of collecting contact information for future promotion.

Strangers may be accessing your PRIVATE information

Did you know that if you authorize and use an app on Facebook to sell your items, you are authorizing another body, a third party, access to your private information.

Remember this!

So many businesses struggle to understand how to use Facebook when really they should be putting their energies (and money!) elsewhere. People say that if you are not on Facebook, you don’t exist. It is a scare tactic.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a Facebook presence, but sell offsite, either on your own website or an online marketplace. A platform that is 100% dedicated to showcasing your items. Dedicated to allowing you to sell your items in a buy it now or an auction method. Dedicated to driving traffic to your items in ways that you may not have contemplated. Dedicated to getting you FREE traffic. Dedicated to maintaining your privacy and offering a secure checkout.

Facebook Can Close Your Business Page At Anytime

Did you know that your Facebook business page can be closed down by Facebook at any moment without warning. They own it remember. If someone reports a comment, an image or notifies Facebook of an issue they see, your page could be gone forever.

All of your content.

All of your images.

All pending sales.

The lot!

Facebook CANNOT offer you Google Traffic

Customers cannot search for particular products via Facebook photo albums.

They cannot search by brand or size via Facebook photo albums. But they can on an external auction site. And they can on Google.

Don’t waste anymore time. Don’t miss out on another sale.

Did you know that if someone searches for pink fairy lunchboxes on Google, and your product listing has those words in its title or you may grab a sale directly off the Internet. You can never ever achieve this on Facebook!

No matter how much you enjoy building a Facebook Page for your business and how much you enjoy interacting with your fans, it can be bad for your business if it is not impacting the bottom line.

Sales are key and long term survival of your business is essential.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Advertise and promote your business on Facebook but sell your products professionally somewhere else!

Do not waste another minute.

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      3 years ago

      What a great recuorse this text is.


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