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8 Tips for Writing Engaging Blogs

Updated on October 2, 2013

Definitely there are more different tips for writing blogs for different audience but let’s talk about some common tips that can get you a kick start.

1) Be Specialized

To ensure that your writing would stay within the selected boundary, set a target audience for your article. Instead of reading a whole bunch of different articles for finding the information you are looking for, you will always love to read a single one-stop article.

2) Get the Attention

The first thing that a reader sees is your title. Make your title eye catching and interesting. You may lose a huge number of readers if your title is not interesting. Tell your readers in the title that what they will get from this post. The other things that can get you the attention are bolds, italics and hyperlinks. Use these formatting wherever possible. Making the main keywords and phrases bold can immediately get you the attention.

3) Proper Spacing

Have distinct paragraphs, each paragraph should be demonstrating only one point. Lumps of text are major turnoffs. List your information in bullet points and numbers. Use headings and sub heading wherever possible.

4) Write it to the Point

Instead of getting your readers figure out if this is what they want, let them get what they want. Make it brief, short and to the point. If your post is too long and you are not getting to the point in the first few sentences, there is a huge chance that your reader will leave your blog alone. State your point clearly and then proceed to the conclusion gradually.

5) Think as the Reader

Think as the reader; ask yourself that is it really what they would want? Adjust your writing to be as close to what they need as possible. Ask again yourself and keep refining. You not only need to get the attention of your readers but you need to hold it tightly as well.

6) Use Common Language

Don’t go for the short terms unless they are widely used. There could be more than one meaning and could confuse your readers. Always choose words that readers know. You don’t need to impress people with your fancy and bombastic words. Impress people by letting them get what they want to get from you.

7) Get Personal

Write as though you are talking to the readers; use “I” and “you” pronouns. Reader will get engage with this. Use active voice, readers usually feel for something when they are able to relate to it.

Making your entries relatable would create a connection between your words and the person that is seeking it

8) Tell People Who Are You

When it comes to the credibility of your words, nothing matters more than your expertise. People seek the advice from the experts only.

If you are writing blogs related to such as health, people would want to know who you are and how much they could trust you. Include details about yourself, your education, work experience in the end of the post or maybe on your profile and add a link to your profile in the signature.


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      Thank you for your comments destinyfatina.


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      destinyfatina 4 years ago

      its nice about writing essays and articles love it always