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8 Ways by Which Technology Is Changing Our Lives

Updated on April 28, 2015
8 Ways by Which Technology Is Changing Our Lives
8 Ways by Which Technology Is Changing Our Lives

Technology Is Changing Our Lives Permanently

Technology is been coming up with so many new things over the year and creating various resources. The best invention is internet by which we can put all information we need in our hands and can control it with fingertips. Yes, this advancement is coming up with new discoveries but there is a problem, at the same time it is also affecting our daily life. It is not the technology that is evolving; it is our life which is been heavily influenced by its changes. Here you can find 6 different examples by which you can understand that how our lives have been changed.

New Communicational channels

Those days are long gone when we use to hold a phone and sit at one place to talk someone or to go someone’s place to chat. Now we have smartphones and internet, in the place of going to meet someone we meet them virtually from one place. In virtual chats, you can even chat with different people at a same time on different topics or can even chat in groups with your own privacy.

Cannot find greeting cards on special occasions

Now a day you cannot find people posting cards to each other on birthdays or special occasions. In place of these greeting cards, people send text messages, e-cards, and e-mails.

Sharing feelings and emotions

Now people do not share things traditionally like past times. People use social networking channels to share their feelings, problems, thoughts and whole life with virtual or childhood friend.

The way we date

Now people find their dates online, and if they want to search things about their new date, they just Google them to see if they are worthy of them.

Have so much choice in TV

Variation in our TV channels is also evolving day by day; now we are not bound to simple TV sets. We can watch what want to watch at any time and any channel, it all depends on us.

Storage methods

Now we do not save our pictures and files in drawers or cabinets. We save all kind of data whether it is an official work or family picnic photographs we save them in our computer, internet backups or mobile phones. And some people use backup storage media to store their sensitive data.

Parenting styles

Parenting styles has also been changed with the invention of the internet. Parents learn about all parenting techniques by searching them on internet, they watch different videos and articles to learn new things. It is also becoming very essential for parents to teach their kids about latest technologies. So other kids would not beat their kids in the schools and on other places. Other than that they also have to teach them etiquettes related to technology and have to advise them the dangers of it.

Our reading styles

Now book warms and geeks do not even carry books while traveling. Tablets, e-readers, smartphones has taken the place of these books. You can carry hundreds or thousands of books at once in these smart devices without hurting your back.

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    • Credence2 profile image

      Credence2 2 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

      Where do you think that the next area of breakthrough in technological invention and product development will come from? What is the next 'big thing'?