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808 Car Keychain Spy Camera Review

Updated on October 24, 2013
The three car key cameras arrived on the mail.
The three car key cameras arrived on the mail. | Source

When these cool gadgets was first seen from the movies, you probably thought it would be, yeah, cool to have them. Well now, all forms of such gadgets are on the market. And I'm one of those who happens to imagine having one of those.

But what really made me get one these car keychain spy cameras? First, the three in the photos I got are for my dad and mom and for my brother which is $10.46 each. I have one, and I got it from an auction from Ebay for $7.50.

So back to the question.

My New Year didn't started right, as there are some series of, I'd say "not so good luck." So I thought about getting a car dashboard camera. But what if I'm not driving and something happened? So I thought a car keys micro camera would be great. Who knows? I might need it, just don't know when.


But first, what are my reasons for getting these 808 micro car keys camera?

1. My top reason would be, for a proof of who did what. This could be on any situations that could save me from troubles.

Such samples of situations could be:

* I had used to watched Judge Judy on tv, and her saying ," always put important deals on paper!" had stuck in my head. So what if a close friend or a relative owed you money and you know you have to be smart, but doesn't know how to tell them whatever you have agreed upon has to be written down? So, this is where you can record the conversation.

* Use it as a traffic camera. For what? Well, better to be safe, you don't know when an accident could happen. It would be your word against whoever was involved, but capturing the incident on video is a clear proof on who to blame. Only trouble is, if you are to blame and you got it recorded in your mini camera. But then, that would be your choice if you still want to show the authorities your video.

* Your supervisor asked to to do something, you thought this was odd but you decided to keep your mouth shut and not ask since he/she was your supervisor. So you did and later this got you in trouble with the manager on why you did a work that way. You can say your supervisor asked you to, but chances are he/she would deny that.

2. For fun time. I had been using my car keychain micro camera when I go for a walk in the park and I want to capture the beautiful color of the trees as they turn to be covered in white or pink blooms for the coming Spring. Also, I used it when I go to stores, watched the video when I arrived home and then either delete the video or keep it there for a while.

Above video was taken when we dropped by to Island Pacific market on our way home as mom would like to get beef meat and some other items needed.

Now, how was the 808 car keys micro camera?

I could say almost great, or halfway great for the price I got it and on the quality of video and photos on daylight. The audio quality, great! I loved using it while I am on the market, then watch the video when I got home. Even my dad was amazed by the audio quality.

But question is, what I didn't like much about the spy keychain to rate it almost great? That would be the date and time setting. If only I know how to set the date and time setting on my 808 spy keychain camera, or at least found it to be easy, I'd rate it as great. There's a manual that came with it and is in Chinese and English language. Thing is, I could hardly understand the translation and I remember it had me confused instead.

Also, to know on how to record a video with the keychain camera, and how to take photo with it, I had to watched a tutorial on Youtube as that would be so much easier for me to understand than reading the manual. Only the date and time setting now I still have to figure out or maybe re-watch a video tutorial on Youtube. I had watched a tutorial and tried it myself, but just don't know what part I didn't do right as the date and time doesn't appear to be current on my videos.

With the 2gb micro sd card I'm using, I can be video recording for about an hour or so. It charges for 2 hours (light flashes while charging and stops flashing when done.) And the battery can last up to, well, I hadn't used mine continuously but to give you an idea on how long will a fully charge 808 car keychain camera will last, I would charge mine tonight and it would be good for me for about 3 days. I don't used it thou longer than 15 minutes a day. But if I do, it will be good for me for 2 days before it needs charging. Just like yesterday, I have been using it a lot and I thought I could take a video on items I'm looking at on Sprouts. But when I'm ready to turn it off, I just learned it already went dead on me. Then I realized I had charged it almost 3 days ago so it really needs charging.

And the video recording?

Well, it takes some playing around with it to learn the right angle. Yesterday I decided to take a photo of the dashboard camera I need to send back to the seller. And when I got home and check on the photo I had taken, I only captured half of what's inside the box. Just glad I also had taken a video.

So far I'm happy with it. But once I get to set the date and time right, I'd be much happier with the recording time I will spend with my car keys micro camera.

Photo taken by the car key micro camera one afternoon.
Photo taken by the car key micro camera one afternoon. | Source
Photo taken as I tried to get a close up of this beautiful pink flowers from my friends backyard (which soon will turn into delicious fruits.)
Photo taken as I tried to get a close up of this beautiful pink flowers from my friends backyard (which soon will turn into delicious fruits.) | Source


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    • precy anza profile image

      precy anza 4 years ago from USA

      Yup :) I already had used it for its purpose, captured some videos I might need someday. And also having fun with it ^-^'

    • aviannovice profile image

      Deb Hirt 5 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      Sounds like it could be good to have in a pinch, but who knows when that might be? Better to be safe than sorry.