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9 Good Premium Looking Free Blogger Templates

Updated on March 6, 2016


When it comes to success of a blog, one cannot underestimate the importance of blog design since it is the first thing that attracts visitors. Many people complain that the default Blogspot template is odd but do you know that there are many paid and free BlogSpot templates on the web. If you don't want to use the free templates offered by Blogger, there are many premium looking blogger templates for free.

Most of these custom blogger templates are just like wordpress template. This means that your blog will look professional and easy to navigate. One thing i don't like about blogspot template is that it lacks the ability to add pluggins or widgets. Features like related posts and automatic internal linking helps a blog a lot to get traffic and search engines ranking but these features are lacking in blogger template. I think someone should advice blogger to add automatic linking of keywords and related posts in blogspot template.


1. Elice

If you are looking for good and elegant free responsive blogger template with premium features, then Elice is what you need. Elice theme is designed by Chandeep.

Elice features include:

A. Beautiful opt-in form on the homepage and sidebar

B. Clean and elegant look

C. SEO optimized

D. Quick loading

E. Threaded comment.

F. Good for blogs that focus on blogging tips and ideas.

2. CopyBlogger V2

Another good and recommended custom blogspot template that is free and elegant is copyblogger v2.

Some of the features of copyblogger v2 includes:

A. Responsive design

B. Clean and elegant look

C. Fast loading time

D. SEO optimized

E. It has drop down navigation menus

F. It has custom email subscription widget

G. It has custom search bar

H. It has page navigation

CopyBlogger V2 template is converted from Genesis child theme.

3. Minimum

Minimum free blogger template is designed by chandeep and is a conversion of Genesis child theme.

Features of Minimum are:

A. Responsive layout

B. Fast loading

C. Simple and clean look

E. Custom homepage look

F. Email subscription form

G. Social profile on the homepage.

4. Sensational

Another free blogspot custom template that is hot is 'sensational'.

Features of sensational blogspot template includes:

A. Clean and responsive theme layout

B. Flex slider

C. Quick loading time

D. Optimized for SEO

E. About two navigation menus

F. It comes with page navigation

G. Threaded comments.

Sensational template is converted for Blogger from MyThemeShop’s premium WordPress theme.

5. Eleven40

Another good, free, responsive and custom blogger template is

Eleven40 which is converted from Genesis child theme.

Features of Eleven40 includes:

A. Header navigation menu

B. Custom search bar matching with the template

C. Two column layout

D. Three column footer

E. Auto read more

F. Numbered page navigation.

6. Lummoxie

Another free custom blogger template you might try is


It features include:

A. Beautiful blogger template

B. Stylish navigation menu

C. Comment count

D. Publish date beside the post

E. Two column layout

F. Read more

G. Stylish labels

7. Gordon

If you are looking for a free and well customised blogger template while not take a look at


Features of Gordan:

A. Simple and clean template

B. Elegant look

C. Beautiful social buttons

D. Search bar

E. Two column layout

F. Auto read more

G. Beautiful post teasers

8. Balance

Another good and recommended free custom blogger template is known as Balance which is another Genesis child theme converted to blogger template.

Some of its features include:

A. It is responsive

B. Clean look template.

C. Grid style posts

D. Opt-in form homepage

F. Drop down navigation menu

G. Threaded comments.

9. Slycore Blogger Template:

Slycore blogger template is a paid blogger template and is around $21 with 100 support. Is a nice and good looking template. Is a professional looking Blogger te


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