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9 Tips to Help You Write a Blog Post in Under 30 Minutes

Updated on April 26, 2016

Blogging can be an enjoyable pastime, but anyone who has ever written anything, knows how fast the time flies by.

Before you know it the light is fading, your brain is slowly ceasing to function at any productive level, and the cat is scratching at your leg.

Here are 9 useful tips to help you write a blog post that is both interesting and useful, in under half an hour.

1 - Learn Good Computer Skills

This might sound basic, even condescending, but there’s nothing worse than a computer gremlin or illusive option to bring your flow to a standstill.

Get to know your computer or device, and whatever software you want to use, before sitting down to write a blog post. Most of this knowledge comes from simply 'fiddling about', but there are many websites designed to help you.

2 - Find a Great Setting

Anything less than 100% concentration will result in a less than perfect blog. Set yourself up in an environment in which you are comfortable and free from distractions. Eliminate as much noise and other outside influences as possible. Add some plants and pictures. Surround yourself with things that inspire you. Your workspace should be a little slice of YOU.

Get your snacks and refreshments set up from the start!

3 - Find the Right Mindset

Don’t flog a dead horse! If it’s not happening, it’s not happening, there’s no point just sitting there. If you're not in the right frame of mind, you're highly unlikely to put out your best work.

Take a break. Take a walk. Try relaxation techniques such as meditation to help clear your mind and get the juices flowing.


4 - Define Aims and Keywords

Unless you are one of those rare, gifted individuals who can produce gold with no preparation of forethought whatsoever, you will need a plan. This begins with knowing precisely what your task is, and roughly what the end product should look like.

Have your task clear in your head. Mull it over with a coffee before sitting down to write. Pick out keywords and pin them up on post-it notes or spider diagrams etc. Try to keep these clear and concise. Keep on referring back to them and don’t stray.

5 - Bullet Point Some Ideas

Get some key ideas down.

Paragraph headings?

How long should the piece be?

What structure will you use?

Will there be lists? Do you have any links in mind?

Do you have any picture ideas?

Get it all down.

6 - Have a Structured Path in Mind

Now, expand on this vague plan and start to break your task into clearly defined and ordered sections. Breaking up your word count will make the task look far more achievable, and will start to turn your ideas into a finished product.

What points do you want to pass through on your way to your goal?


7 - Avoid Common Banana Skins

There are common pitfalls that you need to be aware of and in order to cut down on editing and ensure you write a blog post that is useful and is not rejected. These include, over-using keywords, and forgetting your target audience.

8 - Don't Interrupt the First Draft

If you’re only writing a short piece, get the draft done smoothly, in one go. Have everything you need ready, including your keywords, notes, snacks, and your coffee!

Let it flow, don’t stop to correct anything yet. Resist the temptation to get up and stay focused.

Here are some more useful tips.

9 - Leave the Fine-Tuning Until the End

Don’t try to tweak everything as you go.

Get your text down, as well as pictures and everything else, THEN go back and fine tune your whole blog post, methodically, from top to bottom.

Look out for repetitions and other things that can interrupt flow.

Have you incorporated all important aspects?

Look at every word and fiddle where need be... but don't over-think!


If you follow these 9 tips, you should have all the basics you need to write a blog post in under 30 minutes.

If I was forced to add a 10th tip....... COFFEE!!!


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