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Game Design For Beginners. Some Tools To Get You On Your Way.

Updated on December 22, 2010

     This guide is not for those looking for commercial game advice, but instead a beginners guide to grabbing some tools and getting started on creating their first game. 

     Don't ever think that game programming is too difficult for you, because there are so many tools now that simplify a lot of the processes in game programming.

     Can you design your own game? All you need is your computer, imagination, a lot of extra time and determination and you certainly can.  Keep in mind when I say you will need extra time, I mean it, game design is not as quick as baking a cake, but it's definitely more rewarding! :)

     So what comes first? The tools! Unless you want to grow into a 97 year old man in a HovaRound scooter writing code the old fashioned way, you will want to download a game designer or basic programming language to help you start making your game!

     I'm going to give you the programs I have dealt with and have found to be the easiest and best programs you can deal with to write you own first game. DON'T get discouraged, if it seems overwhelming at first, it will begin to get easier and easier and you experiment, and the outcome: your own game, will last forever!


GameMaker by YoYoGames.

     GameMaker is a new option that has come about lately that a lot of people are plunging into. It has a simplistic visual interface, and people literally create new games every single game with this program. The YoYoGames website promites a large community of game designers, with ratings, and perks to building your own game with them. This could be a very good place to get your feet wet and learn the building blocks of game design. The design for games in GameMaker is generally 2D sprites, although you can code 3D with enough practice, although it wasn't really designed for that. Check it out and start getting involved with the YoYoGames community!



     Ok, I know what you're thinking - WHAT is THAT? Are those graphics from a caculator? Did an Atari game spontaneously combust? Are these games made with Lego blocks? The answer is nope, this is MegaZeux! MegaZeux is a beginner game designer application, it is one of the EASIEST game designing programs you can ever begin with.

Now, admittedly, it looks pretty bad, but surprisingly enough MegaZeux still has a thriving gaming community! The reason that it is still used, is you can create a game with MegaZeux in a few hours. If you want a more complex game, you can spend as long as you like on it for quality of course, and learn the programming language built into it.

MegaZeux has no limits on what kind of game you can create! Well, graphically, it has plenty of limits, but other than that, the world is your oyster... or something more appealing than an oyster, the world is your fresh-baked pizza. :)


     Qbasic, back in the day... when dinosaurs programmed games like Pong, was THE beginners programming language. You could do a LOT of nifty things in Qbasic, but the down side was, it was limited, and it was SLOW. Well, introducing DarkBasic, lightyears from the prehistoric era Darkbasic brings programming to cavemen 2.0! Darkbasic is a easy to learn programming language, but it's also amazingly powerful! Why are people programming games with it? Because it's easier than almost every other programming language out there, and it's powerful enough to do hefty 3D games as well! DarkBasic is like a toy for adults! Just don't poke your eye out!



     If you need any sort of description of what this software does, slap yourself right now with an electric eel. RPGMaker is THE definitive solution for designing Role Playing Games. If you are thinking at all about making an RPG, seriously think about RPGMaker.  RPGMaker is so visual it makes designing RPG's kind of a snap, now keep in mind you can make this program as complex as you want if you want to code it more in depth,  RPGMaker coders are even transforming their games into 3D now.  You can do side battles Final Fantasy style, front battles Dragon Warrior style, action battles Secret of Mana style, or any way you wish!  RPGMaker has come such a long way, it is a free program so if RPG's are your thing, you have absolutely nothing to lose by trying this out!  

     So put down that sweater you are knitting, boys, and get in there and design some dungeons!

2010 Zachery Jenks /

Thackery Binks


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