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How to upgrade to the new Facebook profile

Updated on January 10, 2011
New Facebook profile page
New Facebook profile page

Am very impressed with the new profile page. It looks very clean and professional. Personal data like work info,school,location and both photos from your album and that which you were or have been tagged in are integrated right on the profile page.

Tabs have been eliminated and i just see no use for them too.

Also eliminated from the new design is the ability to update your status from the wall/profile page, to do that you need to navigate back to your home, this is so unfriendly and i hate it.

Another unfriendly setback is the history link that used to be at the top, next to status, photos, etc. and offered a history all the way back to whenever you signed onto Facebook was scrapped, the only way to do this is to scroll and scroll hitting "older posts"

This new development was rolled out late last year(2010) and by the way is still in its beta(testing) stage so there is no visible link to take you to this. This guide will guide you through the easy process step by step.

1. The first step is to to follow this link or copy this link /profile/ and paste it in your browser

2. Login to your Facebook account

I3. In the left corner you will notice a green button reading "Get the New profile". Click on that and your Facebook account will be changed to the new look.

Change to new facebook
Change to new facebook



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