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4 Next Gen Of Smartphones: Samsung Galaxy F Series, S4 Gold, HTC One Refresh Model, and The ZTE Geek

Updated on September 22, 2014

1. Samsung Galaxy F Series – A Premium Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S “flagships” have never really had a very “premium” feel about them since they started putting the “Galaxy S” name on just about any phone from mid-end to high-end. It now seems Samsung is planning to launch another flagship which is more premium than the current one and will be called the “Galaxy F”.

It is unclear whether Samsung will keep the S series at the “high-end” and make the F series at the “super high-end”, but from the look of it, it would be a mistake from Samsung since they may not be able to put much better specs than the rumoured Galaxy S5 which is said to include a Cortex A57/Cortex A53 octa-core processor with a 64-bit architecture. The rumor has been the same for the Galaxy F too though it would include a flexible display.

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If Samsung really use a flexible display we hope it’s practical instead of being a gimmicky design. The display is said to be unbreakable which is a lot more important for people to know than seeing some curved edges on the device, or whatever their design team comes up with because their old design team is not very good in designing their flagships.

If the Galaxy F is really meant to be a premium device then Samsung better hire some new designers since the old designers have no clue of new designs after the launch of Galaxy S2 and have hardly designed anything unique after it. The S2 was the last device with an “iconic design” from Samsung and there have been none since then. When it comes to evaluating how premium or high end a device is the design and finish is extremely important, and Samsung seems to be lacking exactly in this area.

The Galaxy F is also rumoured to come with a 16 MP camera along with Optical Image Stabilization which is a must these days for high end smartphones. The device is rumoured to launch early next year.

2. Samsung Galaxy S4 to Launch in Gold Color

Samsung has often been blamed for copying Apple on more than one occasion and they are at it once again. Apple has once again struck gold with their Gold version of the iPhone 5S since it has been selling in huge numbers. Once something proves popular, it seems everyone wants to join in and Samsung have certainly not been a company willing to be left out of it. Samsung too now has plans to launch a gold coated version of their flagship Galaxy S4.

Samsung Mobile Arabia twitter handle recently tweeted that it is about to launch a golden Galaxy S4, though its launch date is not clear. Though the idea of Samsung releasing a gold version of their flagship soon after the release of iPhone 5S in gold sounds a little fishy, this is probably a more regional affair. The pink versions of the Galaxy S and the Galaxy Note have been doing pretty well in South Korea so the gold Galaxy S4 might just sell in huge numbers in the Middle East, exactly where it is heading to.

There might be a chance that the Middle East account for Samsung might have been hacked and that this news is total fake but it is highly unlikely since Samsung has total control over security when it comes to social media.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Samsung are releasing crazy color versions of their flagships. The Galaxy SIII came in Emerald Green and Garnet Red. Only time will tell whether the gold version would sell well in the market it is intended for.

HTC One “Refresh” – Octa Core and 3GB of Ram

The HTC One with its 1.7 Ghz Snapdragon 600 processor had more than adequate speed when it was launched, but ever since the Snapdragon 800 came out with its speeds upwards of 2.0 Ghz, on paper the One seems to be lagging behind. Though the One is still a fast device in real-life use. There have been rumours that HTC might just release a newer variant of One with some upgraded specs similar to what they have been doing to their previous flagships like the Sensation and the One X, both of them were refreshed with the Sensation XE and One X+ respectively. Could we see a One+ in the last quarter of the year?

An image has been doing the rounds of what appears to be a device profile from an HTC One. The image clearly states that the device is running an octa core CPU, though the image might be a fake one as an Octa-core sounds a little overkill even for HTC.

For the time being forget about the 3GB of RAM, just where is HTC going to get this OCTA core CPU from? Samsung would hardly be willing to sell them the CPU’s since they would be using them in their own devices and the only other manufacturer is MediaTek which does not hold the same prestige as Snapdragon, Tegra or Exynos. Also Octa-core processors do not have any dramatic effect on the performance of the device so HTC might just skip it.

Overall though, it sounds like HTC might just do it and launch a refreshed version of the One since they have done it in the past and maybe this a way for them to generate a little buzz before the holiday season sets in. As with all the rumours take this one with a pinch of salt.

4. ZTE Geek – First Android Smartphone with Tegra 4 Chip

The ZTE Geek has been in the news for quite a long time now. It started off as an Intel Atom Powered smartphone, a dual core 2Ghz one but it was misleading because it uses its Turbo-Boost feature instead of its real base clock speed.

Over the course of time the smartphone was all but forgotten and now it has been in the news again since ZTE decided that it would go with the Tegra 4 instead of the Atom processor since it wasn’t power efficient enough. The decision is a strange one since the Tegra 4 is designed for tablets and is not a true mobile/smartphone chip.

The Tegra 4 has a very powerful GPU, which competes with Adreno 330 (Snapdragon 800), and Apple’s A6X and A7 GPU’s. The ZTE will be powered by a 1080p display so having a Tegra 4 makes sense instead of the Intel powered processor. The downside of the tegra 4 is that it does not support the OpenGL ES 3.0 since it uses the old Tegra 2 architecture. The modern architecture from Nvdia will be used in the Tegra 5.

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There is still a lot of time until the Tegra 5 comes out, but hopefully it will be a true mobile chip and not a tablet one like the Tegra 4.

As far as the ZTE Geek goes it will be stuck with the Tegra 4 chip, which is not really efficient and a 2,300mAh battery makes matter worse. The device will also pack in 2GB of RAM. He device will come with a price tag of $308 which is not much if you want a high performance device on a strict budget.

By the way technology advances so fast, It might not be long since these smartphones will become outdated in the next 5 years or so. Great gadgets, but they do not last a life time before another one comes along with more innovation.

I hope the information provided here has been of help to you. Please take a look at my page on The Top 6 Smartphones To Consider When Buying as of now.


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      Thanks, I am glad you think so :)

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      Wow you have some great articles on smart phones very well made and written


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