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A Concise Review of Law Practice Management Software

Updated on September 4, 2014

Versatile case and practice management software is designed to streamline hectic attorney schedules by helping individual law practices or firms organize all aspects of their business. However, not all legal management software offers the same capabilities or technological strengths demanded by busy law practices. Because choosing the right software can be confusing and frustrating, having a handy guide to the top law management software will facilitate selecting appropriate software for your practice and expedite implementing the benefits of partially automating your business.


MyCase offers an integrated client portal that allows you to connect with clients and stay informed in real-timeof any sudden changes concerning their case. Included in MyCase legal management software are the following components:

  • Shared reminders and calendars
  • Mobile and web access
  • Secured client communication/contact management
  • Bank-grade security (sensitive information is encrypted by MyCase using 128-bit SSL encryption for data transmission and 256-bit AES encryption for data storage).
  • Billing features/online payment processing
  • Invoice creation templates
  • Payment plan scheduling
  • Synchronizes with Google and Outlook
  • Quickbooks integration

MyCase also has a "Knowledge Center" that provides on-demand, 24/7 access to training videos and instructional articles. Supported by Amazon's EC2 cloud platform, MyCase provides data back-up and data redundancy to eliminate the risk of lost or compromised information.


Another cloud-based legal practice management software popular with individual attorneys and firms is CosmoLex. In addition to eliminating time tracking, trust and billing issues, CosmoLex also assists with bill generation, tracking expenses, payment receipts and managing client funds. This software also has a 30-day no obligation free trial available that does not require a credit card.

Primary features of CosmoLex include:

  • Data-backup every four hours
  • Integration of overdraft warnings, client ledgers, bank reconciliations, audit-ready documents and check printing.
  • Free daily webinars that provide information about using CosmoLex to enhance the productivity of your practice.
  • Production of state-compliant reports that include three-way reconciliations.
  • Management of multiple bank accounts using unlimited client ledgers (per bank).
  • Choice of printing standard check format or voucher (suggested for printing trust bank checks)
  • Automatic checks to eliminate common mistakes involving trust management (duplicate check numbers or overdrafts, for example).

CosmoLex software is considered a highly intuitive, user-friendly software with a small learning curve. Support representatives for CosmoLex are always available to help attorneys integrate this software into their business as seamlessly as possible.

AbacusLaw Practice Management Platforms

Abacus law practice management software offers case management and accounting/billing solutions for any sized legal firm seeking to streamlines the implementation of legal technology into their business. With over 250,000 users to date, Abacus also provides a practice management service with experts available to assess, deploy, design and implement customized solutions for law firms with specific goals and needs.

Abacus features include:

  • Master legal calendar that tracks everyone and everything--from staff tasks to statues of limitations. Multiple views allows side by side, weekly, monthly or daily viewing.
  • An AbacusLaw rules component that calculates deadlines for legal matters based on local, state and federal court rules.
  • Mobile sync, smart alarms and remote access technology prevents missed meetings or deadlines.
  • With a centralized location from which to view case notes, emails and documents, AbacusLaw keeps your practice fully organized. Lawyers also have the option to add tabs and fields when necessary.
  • Checking for conflicts of interest means you will always know for certain whether you have the time and resources to accept new clients and cases.


Customizable to individual practices and law firms, LegalFiles helps organize workflow and office administrative tasks while providing secure access for remote use, multiple platforms and a variety of useful functions. Additonally, LegalFiles is compatible with Microsoft Office and permits the software to integrate easily into a lawyer's existing practice technology. Easy to deploy, upgrade and maintain, LegalFiles can also help reduce expenditures associated with costly IT resources.

Capable of being seamless integrated with Microsoft Office, LegalFiles saves appointments, spreadsheets, documents, presentations and email contacts transferred from Microsoft Office. This integration uses XML and HTTP technology that is more secure and faster than transmitting data to servers over common FTP methods. With LegalFiles, users don't have to incorporate their information with their Microsoft Exchange server, which eliminates performance and security concerns.


Packed with customizable features that includes a boardroom app for mobile use, Effacts is known for having an object-oriented, legal database capable of being consolidated with a practice's legal management information into one organized repository. Effacts also employs a dedicated, professional security team to oversee the safeguarding of all data integrated with the software's components. Unlike other law practice management software, Effacts is a "plug-and-play" software that can be implemented without training by simply downloading Effacts and starting the automatic conversion of your existing data into the software.

Features and Benefits of Effacts:

Effacts services over 1000 companies worldwide, including Cole Haan, Amsterdam, Philip Morris and T-Mobile and maintains corporate offices in the Netherlands, Palo Alto (U.S.) and Amsterdam.

More than ever, attorneys are being sought after for assistance with legal issues as traditional as divorce and bankruptcy to modern litigation involving plagiarism, libel and slander on the Internet. Supporting your law firm or individual practice with law practice management software is essential to remaining competitive, successful and as professional as possible.

So tell me! What legal case management software have you tried and what did you like? Or what software have you tried, and given up on?



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      Gerald Anderson 2 years ago

      What is the easiest to use software can you recommend? Thanks in advance!