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A Dive Into The Deep Web

Updated on April 21, 2016

The deep web.

The World Wide Web or the internet is largely used for sharing information and connecting billions of devices but the part which we are familiar with and use to search or find information on the internet is just a small part of the World Wide Web which is known as the surface web whose contents can be easily indexed by search engines whereas deep web is that part of the internet whose contents cannot be indexed by search engines and are not easily available on usual browsing.

The difference between deep web and dark web.

Deep web is very often confused with the dark web. It is true that dark web is discussed alongside the deep web but both are different and dark web is solely another topic which we would not get much into.

Contents of the deep web are not found on searching or are hidden due to various reasons which are mostly unintentional, for example it would be a website which is made normally and the owner didn't bother to register it with any of the search engine, but a small part of the deep web whose contents are kept hidden from search engines and normal people through enormous encryption intentionally for unusual purposes (mostly illegal) is known as the dark web.

Size of the contents in deep web.

The internet which we use (surface web) is just 4% of the whole internet and 96% of the internet is deep web. Calculating definite size of the deep web is nearly impossible as most of its content is buried deep and is hidden, also new information and websites are always being added to it which results in the exponential increase of the content.

Rough estimates done in early stages showed that deep web is 400-550 times of the surface web and a study done by University of California Berkeley in 2001 suggested that the deep web consists of 7.5 petabytes (7500 terabytes) of data.

Composition of the whole internet is usually compared to an ice berg as the visible tip part depicts the surface web and the submerged part is a depiction of deep and dark web.

Ice Berg
Ice Berg | Source

Why is it dangerous to mess around?

Okay so now we know what deep web is but is it really safe to move around? The answer is both yes and no. Yes, because the data or the information found on the deep web is not always dangerous and you could really find some good and useful information on deep web and also that the dangerous part of deep web, the dark web is highly encrypted, difficult to access and well hidden. Now after discovering the deep web you might develop a curiosity of discovering the dark web which is very interesting but it is much more dangerous than it is interesting and that is why I am not gonna go into how to access it but still to make you familiar with the dangers of dark web, few things found on dark web are : -

  1. *Silk Road: It is like an amazon for drugs where you can purchase any kind of drugs and chemicals for bitcoins (digital currency like Paypal).
  2. Hiring Henchmen to kill someone.
  3. Buying weaponry and other forbidden stuff.
  4. Live streaming of disturbing scenarios or snuff films like killings or rape.
  5. Illegal child pornography.

*Silk Road has been shut down by the FBI but other drug markets still do exist.

To access the dark web you have to be completely anonymous and have to hide your IP. By accessing it without complete knowledge you would probably be saying "hi" to the FBI so please do not go messing around with the deep web or dark web. Yeah it is scary.

To get an idea about what happens deep inside the deep web, you can watch the video below, it is not completely true but most of it is.


Deeper insight.

Deep web got recognition and criticism both by a lot of people. There have been documentaries made on this subject and one of them was also released in the form of a movie.
Be safe over the internet.

Have you ever accessed deep web or dark web?

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© 2016 Chimay Agrawal


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