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A Gadget That Turns Any Surface in to a Smartphone - It's TouchPico!!

Updated on August 9, 2014

There was a king in olden days, who touched anything and it turned gold. We had read this so many times in our early school days and fantasized, if ever we will have some heavenly wand some day to turn anything into, we desire!

Ah... Not to that extent, but yes... you can now definitely touch any surface and it will convert itself into a smartphone for you. This is future replacement of our present day gadgets

TouchPico is definitely an answer to next generation smartphones. It's a small handy projector that converts any screen in to a giant touchscreen. However, it's size is little heavier than Samsung smartphones.


Infrared stylus, that comes along with it, has an infrared emitter. TouchPico has a very small in-built camera that catches the signal from stylus and is then monitored by a camera from inside the projector.

It runs on Wi-Fi and can project any kind of content onto wall and can also play games with its transformed bigger screen. You name it - sports, education, business, music - it's for everyone!


Features that makes it a stand-out Gadget-

  • It runs of Android 4.0
  • Integrated WI-FI
  • You get wireless mouse with it
  • Connect and Stream on compatible devices
  • HDMI Input
  • Audio Output

... And many more surprising embedded features!

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