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A Gasoline Trailer is a Good Option For Race Car Drivers

Updated on March 13, 2014
A gas trailer offers you a convenient way to refuel a race car.
A gas trailer offers you a convenient way to refuel a race car.

Don't Run Out of Fuel at the Race Track

When you’re racing at the track, the last thing that you want to have to worry about is running out of fuel for your race car. One, it would be a huge inconvenience and two, it would be a pretty embarrassing mistake to make in front of your race buddies not to mention your competitors. To prevent this from happening from you, turn to a gasoline trailer and bring it with you on race day.

You can refuel your race care whenever you want if you have a gas trailer.
You can refuel your race care whenever you want if you have a gas trailer.

Why Gas Trailers and Racing Go Hand in Hand

By using a gas trailer for racing, you ensure that you have the gas that you need to run your race car and don’t have to worry about wasting time to go anywhere and get it on race day. This is tremendously convenient and lets you focus on racing and racing alone.

Plus, by having a fuel trailer to use when racing, you can also save money on the gas that you purchase for your race car. Reason being, you don't have to pay the high price for gas that most race tracks charge and instead, you can bring in your own gas bought outside the race track. Then over time, you'll be able to save a good amount of money.

In addition to being a good call for using when racing cars, one is ideal for using when racing other vehicles as well whether they be trucks, hot rods, dirt or motor bikes, and even a racing boat. And, you could use them to refuel dirt bikes, ATV's, and motorcycles.

The History of Gas Trailer GasolineTrailers

Mobile Gasoline trailers are a relatively new product on the market because they were first introduced by Petro2Go, the parent company of Gas Trailer, back in 2011. The company started after a few pilots were talking after a flying session, discussing fuel prices and how it was sometimes difficult to locate fuel when they needed it.

After searching around for a portable gas fueling option, they couldn’t find one. So one of those pilots decided to create a portable gas trailer that would allow him to take fuel to the airport to gas up his plane whenever he felt like it. Others saw the product and the concept took off. Now, mobile gas trailers are sold throughout the United States.

A Gas Trailer fuel tank.
A Gas Trailer fuel tank.

The Gas Trailer Design

The design of a fuel trailer from Gas Trailer features a DOT compliant fuel tank that can house anywhere from 20 to 110 gallons of fuel; a tow and trailer package with wheels, LED lights, and reflectors; a grounding cable, a fuel nozzle with a fuel hose and either an electric or manual fuel pump; and other ad-on options to make refueling even easier.

Some of those other options include: an electric fuel pump, lockable enclosed box, retractable hose reel, lockable security fuel cap, safety flags, batter, charger, siphon hose kit, and roll cage. To see what’s available, simply make your way to the Gas Trailer website:

A close-up of the ornamental diamond plate design.
A close-up of the ornamental diamond plate design.

Diamond Plate Patent

Another main component of the gas trailers offered by Gas Trailer is the patent on the diamond plate surface pattern fuel tanks. This pattern is very ornamental that features a criss-crossing like shapes, which is made only more appealing to the eye by its bright shine and reflective nature.

The design was officially secured on the 24th of December of last year when the US Patent and Trademark office issued a patent for the claim on the ornamental design for a fuel tank on a trailer with applied diamond shape surface pattern. The Patent number is US D696,160 S.

A lot of Options and How To Get The Right One

There are a variety of gas trailer models to choose from, something that was briefly pointed out with how there are selections available that can house anywhere from the 20 to 110 gallon storage choices. Plus, there are some that can house 55 gallons of fuel as well along with those that can house 150 gallons of fuel.

All the choices means that you can easily get one to match your fuel storing and refueling needs. Current models from Gas Trailer include:

- Contractor 110 Deluxe
- Contractor 110 Manual
- Contractor 55 Manual
- Traveler 20 Manual
- Pro 110 Industrial
- Pro 110 Industrial FTS
- Economy 110 Refueler

To ensure that you do get the right one for your fueling needs, there are some things you need to consider before you actually purchase one. Some of them consist of:

- How much fuel do you want to store?
- How often are you going to use the gas trailer?
- Where are you going to use it?
- How much money do you have to spend?

Once you consider these things, you'll have a better grasp on exactly what you're going to use your gas trailer for so you can get what you need.

This is the Economy 110 Refueler gas trailer.
This is the Economy 110 Refueler gas trailer.

Other Scenarios Where a Fuel Trailer is Useful

Not only is a fuel trailer a good addition to your pit area, but one would be a good option for using in other scenarios where you require fuel. A few examples include:

- At a boat marina or dock.
- On site in a construction zone.
- In a remote location like a logging site or camping area.
- At your home, cottage, or property to store fuel in case of emergencies.
- On a farm.
- At a fleet vehicle or rental equipment business.
- On the road with you when you're traveling.

Just a Smart Purchase

All in all, a gasoline trailer just makes things easier when you’re racing. Also as already pointed out, it would be a solid piece of equipment to have when you’re camping, boating, and traveling because of the fueling convenience that it offers.

Just a smart buy, there really is no better choice!


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