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A Guide to Buying a Used Mobile Phone

Updated on April 15, 2014

What You Need to Know

The common misconception is that the only way to find yourself a decent phone is to do so through a monthly pay mobile contract. This simply isn’t true as while there are most definitely reasons to be cautious when buying a second hand phone there are also a number of economic benefits to doing so. This guide offers points to consider when looking purchasing a pre-loved phone and insight into how a second hand handset may be a great choice.

Top Tips
Top Tips | Source


  1. Walk Away From Monthly Contracts
    The lure of a shiny new mobile phone every twelve to twenty-four months, as well as possible incentives such as cashback and free gifts often proves irresistible to many. Consider however how much money could be saved buying a phone second hand and going onto PAYG. With an iPhone monthly cost starting at £42 a month for a minimum of two years the financial saving available here is clear.
  2. Buy Safely
    It is reasonable to question a seller of a second hand phone until you are confident that the sale is genuine and to request to see the items in full working order. If buying online from a dealer check feedback and reviews and if in any doubt about the purchase walk away.
  3. Questions to Ask the Seller
    Of course you want to see a phone switch on and appear to work before purchasing it however it would be wise to ask questions about the reason for sale, what the battery life is like and whether it has had to have any repairs in the past. While the seller is answering these questions take the opportunity if possible to have a good look at the case and screen for scratches or stains. If buying online ask for additional photographs clearly showing the phone condition.
  4. A Disposable Phone
    If having bought a second hand phone you tire of it or decide you want something else you are not tied to a contract and may do as you will with your phone without penalty. Selling the phone on, giving a full history of course, or cashing it in via one of the many mobile recycling sites is a great way to get rid of an old phone and earn cash towards your next purchase.
  5. No Warranty Means No Repair Restrictions
    Anyone who has been stung by a mobile phone warranty, namely having a standard one year warranty and a two year contract, or the fact that a phone warranty rarely covers water damage or a cracked screen will confirm that having such a policy in place is usually not as much of a financial success as it sounds. Having no warranty means that there is no restrictions over who repairs your phone, whether you do it yourself or shop around for a professional repair company.

iPhone Repair Service

5 stars for Mobile Ease

Mobile Ease

Provided anyone buying a second hand phone does their due diligence and goes into the transaction with their eyes open there in no reason why a real bargain isn’t to be had which adds to the ongoing benefits of choosing a second hand phone over a new purchase or contract phone.

MobileEase offer walk in phone repairs at their base in London as well as postal repairs, aiming to save customers money on costly replacements when often a repair is all that is needed.

Your phone can be reborn!
Your phone can be reborn! | Source


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