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A Guide to RV Satellite Antenna Compatibility with DISH Receivers

Updated on October 22, 2012

In this guide, I’ll be going over many of the most popular satellite RV antennas and the DISH receivers with which they are compatible. If you have a DISH receiver and are looking for an RV antenna, or maybe the other way around, this guide will help you decide what you need to acquire all the equipment you need to set up DISH in your RV.

Section 1: Which Winegard antenna is compatible with my DISH receiver?

In this section, I’ll be discussing Winegard RV satellite antennas. Winegard is a popular RV equipment company with an extensive selection of RV satellite dishes, but they’re not all the same. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for or aren’t familiar with the technical aspects of Winegard antennas, it can be difficult to know what to choose. I’ll explain the types of Winegard RV antennas, how they function, and their compatible DISH receivers.

Automatic Domes – These Winegard antennas work well with multi-receiver and dual tuner receiver setups because they’re able to automatically toggle between 3 different satellites to receive programming. These antennas are compatible with all DISH receivers except the Hopper and Joey, although dual tuner receivers require two coaxial cables to be run from the antenna to the receiver for them to function properly. Here’s a list of Winegard automatic domes:

· Carryout (GM-1518)

· Carryout Anser (GM-1599)

· Roadtrip Mission Stationary – White (RT4000S)

· Roadtrip Mission Stationary – Black (RT4035S)

· Roadtrip Mission In-Motion – White (RT4000T)

· Roadtrip Mission In-Motion – Black (RT4035S)

· Roadtrip Mini-Max Stationary – White (RT8000S)

· Roadtrip Mini-Max Stationary – Black (RT8035S)

· Roadtrip Mini-Max In-Motion – White (RT8000T)

· Roadtrip Mini-Max In-Motion – Black (RT8035T)

Hybrid Domes – Winegard recommends using single-receiver, single tuner setups with these dishes because the antenna is not automatic, so it does not toggle between satellites to provide programming to more than one tuner or receiver. Compatible DISH receivers for these types of Winegard antennas include the ViP 211, ViP 211k, and the ViP 311. There is currently one hybrid dome available from Winegard: Carryout Anser (GM-5000)

Manual Systems – These antennas are completely manual, which means they must be aimed by hand at a satellite to receive signal. These are not recommended for use with dual tuner receivers as only one feed will come through the satellite dish at a time. Compatible receivers for these antennas are the ViP 211, ViP 211k, and ViP 311. Here are the manual systems available from Winegard:

  • Crank-Up with Digital Magic (RM-DM46)
  • Crank-Up with Off-Air Combo (RM-DM61)
  • Crank-Up without Digital Magic (RM-4600)
  • Crank-Up without Digital Magic + 76” Cable (RM-4646)

· Carryout MP1 (GM-MP1)

· 18” Dual Feed LNBF Dish (TR-6018)

Over-the-Air Antennas – OTA antennas do not pick up satellite feed, just over-the-air feed. They are compatible with all receivers except for the Hopper and Joey, but do require a separate OTA module to be installed. These are the OTA antennas Winegard offers:

· Sensar IV VHF UHF HDTV Antenna

· Rayzar Indoor HDTV Antenna

NOTE: It is possible to use a Hopper and Joey system in your RV, but only DISH-branded satellite dishes allow this. Winegard sells these DISH antennas that can be used with a Hopper and Joey:

· SK-1000

· TR-6100

· DS-1005

· DS-5005

Section 2: Are TracVision antennas compatible with DISH receivers?

Another antenna brand that is compatible with DISH RV service is TracVision. The antennas TracVision offers are all compatible with DISH ViP 211, ViP 211k, and ViP 311 receivers. Here’s a list of the dishes TracVision offers for use with these DISH receivers:

· R6DX

· R1DX

· R5SL

· R4SL

Section 3: Which King-Dome antennas can be used for DISH in my RV?

King Controls also offers satellite antennas that can be used with DISH receivers. Some King-Dome antennas can be used with dual tuner receivers, but it is not recommended as the dishes receive only one signal at a time. They’re recommended for use with the DISH ViP 211, ViP 211k, ViP 311, and ViP 411 receivers. These are the King-Dome satellite antennas that are compatible with these DISH receivers:

· King-Dome AIR Stationary (2200)

· King-Dome AIR In-Motion (3200)

· Premium In-Motion Trac-King (9762)

The King-Dome Stationary Auto for Dish Network (KD5500) can be used with a ViP 211, ViP 211k, or ViP 411.

NOTE: The ViP 411 receiver is no longer available to new customers, but it can be used by customers who obtained this receiver before they were discontinued by DISH.

Need help finding satellite RV equipment for DISH service?

This guide is intended to help you decide which DISH RV equipment you need based on DISH receiver compatibility with popular RV antenna brands. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know! I’ll be happy to help.

Thank you!
~Your DISH Authorized Retailer
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