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A Recommendation on the Improvement of the Design and Implementation of the Recruitment Process at Star Hollow Hat

Updated on December 10, 2014

For business organizations, recruitment remains a critical function since it is the main determinant of the organization’s performance. Hence, an organization has to deploy an effective recruitment strategy in ensuring that they hire the best. Further, pre-recruitment is a critical step for creating not only a competitive strength, but also a strategic advantage for business organizations. The decision by the owner of the Star Hollow Hat to hire through referrals was definitely not a good one. This is because reliance of referral programs comes along with associated risks. For instance, this program may lead to problems, which may include, but not limited to lawsuits, which could have a negative impact to the company. Further, this can also result to charges of employment discriminations from equally qualified candidates who deserve the position. Further, reliance on this process may result into formation of cliques the firm, which will consequently lead to friction and resentment among other employees.

Offer of Competitive Packages

The availability of labor in particular locality determines the kind of compensation the company will have to provide in order to attract and retain employees. In a market with high level of unemployment, a company will have to provide a lesser amount of compensation. The human resource function of this entity has to consistently evaluate the compensation structure to ensure that they remain competitive in attracting and retaining the talent pool. Further, employees with special skills have to be paid fairly in comparison to other inexperienced workers (Deligiannis, 2012). This is one way of attracting and retaining new skills in this entity.

Use of Social Media

Rather than relying on referral program, the owner of Stars Hollow Hat may employ social media as a pre-recruitment strategy. In essence, pre-screening of job applicants through automated means can be accomplished at a lower cost, allowing recruiters and human resources managers to interview only the best-qualified applicants. Further, use of data mining and social media can result in successful pre-screening of job applicants. These savings majorly emanates from the reduced turnover and staffing costs as well as the general cost of operations. The use of automated means could lead to improvement and efficiency in its hiring processes. Further, this system also enabled the publisher to realize an increased yield of required or high quality applicants (Buckely et al, 2004).

Legal Concerns in Use of Social Media in Pre-employment and hiring process

There is no doubt that the use of social media websites including LinkedIn, Facebook, Myspace, and others could be rewarding for employers (Mathis and Jackson, 2010). However, they can also experience trouble from the use of personal information in these sites. For example, employers in U.S are prohibited under the country’s federal laws to use age, race, gender, marital status, health condition, sexual orientation, disability or religion to determine job applicants. It should however, be considered that many of these factors are discovered by a search in social media. It is therefore important for the management at Star Hollow hat to be very careful in the use of personal information found in social media sites for organizational and business purposes.


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