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Free Softwares To Boost Your Computer's Performance Like It's Brand New

Updated on December 26, 2011

Whether you like it or not, useless junk is building up in your PC from time to time. These are called registry. In other words,  the registry contains information that Windows continually references during operation.  These build up when your are visiting numerous blogs and other sites. When these left behind, your PC starts to bog down and run slowly. These are one of the main causes of the poor performance of your PC  aside from Worms and Viruses. You need registry cleaners even though you have a fast processor. My Core 2 Duo PC became slower than my good old Pentium 4 PC.  Too much unwanted junk can slow down  even the most powerful PCs.

ARO 2011

With a single click of a button, ARO 2011 deep scans and optimizes the performance of your PC. You can also back up your registry if you need to go back to your previous config, but most of time you don’t need to back up those unwanted registry because most of them are useless junk.

You can download a free trial from . Only the first 100 errors can be fixed in the trial version. So there is a need to upgrade.  You can buy it for $29.95. It’s too expensive for me.

Aro 2011
Aro 2011


CCleaner is actually slower than ARO 2011 but it can fix an unlimited number of errors unlike ARO 2011 which can only clean the first 100 errors. I recommend this registry cleaner over ARO 2011. It takes a longer time to clean the registry of this software but it is worth it. CCleaner cleans the web browsers, Windows Explorer, your System and your applications.

CCleaner also sports some useful tools that may come in handy. You can easily uninstall unwanted files using the Uninstall feature. This is even faster than uninstalling using the Add/Remove Programs from the Control Panel.

CCleaner is free and it's not just a trial version.


Tips when using your registry cleaners

Close all programs running including your web browser. With your registry cleaner being the only program running, the cleaning process will be finished in a short time.

By using your registry cleaners on a regular basis, you can really increase the perfomance of your computer because unwanted registry is always building up.

Install these even on your fastest PCs. In the future, they may slow down like your old PCs.


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