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The Kindle: A Review Of Amazon's Wireless Reading Device, Part 2

Updated on March 20, 2011


Grey-scale Screen: Despite the fact that the Kindle is mainly used for reading text, people still prefer a color screen. Unfortunately, color E-links screens aren't available yet.

E-Pub: Amazon fails when it comes to supporting open standards. They say they it's easier to optimize their own format and software with the device. Considering the speed of the page turns, it's pretty easy to understand their reasoning. Personally, I'd rather have open formats than a more portable device, but this is Amazon's toy and that's the way it's built.

No Third-Party Applications: Amazon has made some noise about the possible availability of third-party applications on the Kindle, but other than maybe a few casino games, it's not something I would get excited about. I would use the All-New Kindle for 3 things: read, browse the internet and play Craps!

The Bottom Line

With the new prices, the hesitations of getting a single-function electronic reader tend to go by the wayside. With a price of $139 USD, it's possible to envision households having several Kindles, especially if they drop the price to $99.99! Most likely, electronic readers will become a mainstream device outside of the voracious reader set. If anything else, they'll probably become hard copy replacements and a means of consolidating your library.

The All-New Kindle Wi-Fi At A Glance:

As the most-gifted/wished-for product on, the Kindle has been their number one best-selling product for 2 years straight. Now they've made it even better!

  • Lighter - Weighing less than paperback novel at a mere 8.5 ounces
  • Fast Page Turns - Improved speed provides seamless reading
  • High-Contrast E-Ink Screen - New feature gives 50% better contrast than other e-readers
  • Long Battery Life - Up to a whole month on a single charge (with Wi-Fi turned off)
  • Built-In Wi-Fi - Browse for and download e-books in less than a minute
  • Doubled Storage Capacity- Up to 3,500 Books
  • Improved PDF Reader - Features dictionary lookup, highlights and notes
  • Enhanced Fonts - New darker, crisper fonts
  • New Smaller Design - Sleek, 21% smaller body with the same 6-inch size reading screen
  • New WebKit-Based Browser - Web-browsing over Wi-Fi
  • No Glare - Read in the sunlight

Kindle Covers & Accessories For The Latest Generation

Lighted Kindle Covers - Let There Be Light

A small bulb powered by your Kindle battery makes the Lighted Kindle Cover perfect for reading after hours. They also have a fashionable and durable leather finish.

Is It For Me?

Considering the amount of time I spend looking at my computer screen, the last thing I want to do is spend my leisure time reading off a 6" screen. I think I'm gonna wait until they come out with The "All-Senior" model that's built around a 28-inch flat screen. Maybe it'll come with its own fork-lift!

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