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A Review of Chrome, the New Google Web Browser

Updated on September 6, 2008

Google has been know during the last few years for delivering the best web search results. The quality of their web search service has allowed them to create a very successful web ad business, which is the main source of their wealth. However, Google has used this money to innovate in other areas which are not just advertisements and web search. The latest example is their Chrome web browser.

Chrome is a browser that has many innovations compared to standard web browsers. Many of these innovations are technical in nature, but there are two main areas which will appeal to any web user immediately: speed and safety.

Web Browser Speed

The main area which can make a difference for Internet users, is the raw speed of Chrome. The Google web browser has several advantages in this area.

More speed for applications based on Javascript: the Google engineers created a new system to interpret Javascript, the language that powers most of the dynamic websites. This means that pages can perform scripts much faster with Chrome, which will improve the general responsiveness of the applications. For example, you web-based email, or news site will operate much faster using Chrome than other web browsers.

New architecture created from scratch: Chrome has been designed from the beggining as a new web browser, thus it doesn't have the compatibility code that normally is embedded in other browsers (mainly Internet Explorer). It is a great advantage for the developers that created

Access to a large number of web pages: Google is the largest repository in the world for web data. They have searched and stored billions of web pages, which they can use to test the quality of their web browser. This intense testing makes Chrome much more apt to respond to the needs of typical web browsers than FireFox and IE, which are don't have such ready access to web data.

Web Safety with Chrome

Safety when browsing the web is very important for most users. We not only want to get the best experience as users, but we also want to avoid that anyone could have access to our confidential data, such as credit cards, and passwords. Chrome tries to improve web safety using techniques that have not previously been used by other web browsers.

Separate programs for each browser tab: One of the biggest innovations in Chrome is a system where each browser tab is completely independent of other tabs. In practice, each tab operates as a separate program that can be started and stopped independently of the other tabs. This not only increases the stability of Chrome, but also provides separation of data store in each tab, so that malicious web pages cannot have access to information from legitimate web sites.

Incognito window: Another innovation in Chrome is a window that you can use to browse incognito. This means that nothing that you do in that window will be stored in the hard disk. The main advantage of this browser mode happens when you are using a public machine. In this situation, you don't want any of your passwords, credit cards, or other sensitive information to be store in the local machine.

Before chrome, it was hard to guarantee that all your data was deleted from the local machine. Even though all data is deleted, there are methods that can be used to restore deleted files, so there is always the possibility that someone can have access to important data that you don't want to be out there. With Chrome, this information will never be stored locally, so you can be sure that nobody will access your personal passwords.


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      Gerri 6 years ago

      Why does Google Chrome Crash On me all the tine?

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      John 7 years ago