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A Unique Search Engine Choice

Updated on April 6, 2017

*******January 30, 2012*******

Ok, so admit it....what is the first search engine you think of when you want to find something?

Your favorite search engine - choose only one!

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Hub Pages

I'll bet HUBPAGES.COM is not high up on your list when you are thinking of looking for information about almost anything. Or even for light reading of articles and short stories.

This hub is to introduce you to Hub Pages and to try to get you to put a post it note on your monitor to remember to use the search box at the next time you need to hunt for something. Chances are you will find it here.

Why Hub Pages?

Because the writers on Hub Pages write about every topic you can think of...many are timely, up to date, or updated regularly. Hub Pages uses key words just the way other sites do so you are very likely to get a lot of hits for just a few search words on many topics.

Check out the list of the Categories. There are many "sub-categories" under each topic. Hub Pages is worth a second, even a third look. One can spend hours just browsing through the many topics and posts.

There are over 200,000 contributors (writers) on Hub pages, and at least that many commenters. Don't feel that you have to comment on each hub. We can see that our page views have gone up, so your presence has been duly noted, albeit anonymously. We do not know that it was YOU, just that SOMEONE has viewed the page. If you would like to make your presence known by name, by all means create an account so you can voice your opinions, thank the person for insight and information, or even to set someone straight if you run across misinformation or outdated information. It is appreciated by most.

I've included some links on the sidebar on how to make money on and on the web for your exploration and enjoyment.

An Example of Just One Topic with Sub Categories

Health (128,936 Hubs)

Suggested by awordlover

Lots of great information. Lots of personal stories from people who share a common illness, disease, or disorder.

Isn't that list amazing??? And, that's just in the Health topic. Other topics are just as wealthy in information, entertaining, and enjoyable.

The next time you are thinking of research, or want to know more about a subject, Think Hub Pages.

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  • The Examiner-1 profile image

    The Examiner-1 3 years ago


    I use Google, actually Google Chrome, but I have never thought of using HP that way. This Hub was interesting and useful. I will keep this info in mind. Thanks.


  • awordlover profile image

    awordlover 5 years ago

    Put a post it note on your monitor so you include it in your search tools. Use your regular search engines first, then come check out what hubpages has to offer. TY for stopping by. :-)

  • Tams R profile image

    Tams R 5 years ago from Missouri

    I actually never heard of HP until a few days before I joined almost a month ago. I have used it as a search engine several times since then but it still fails my memory to use it most the time.

  • awordlover profile image

    awordlover 5 years ago

    TYVM Tinktania! TY for stopping by. Enjoy exploring - is like being a kid in a candy store :-)

  • profile image

    Tinktania 5 years ago

    Excellent intro to Hub pages. Just a couple of searches and I was amazed and enriched. Thank you, awordlover.

  • awordlover profile image

    awordlover 5 years ago

    Hi FinanceHub: And Welcome to Hub pages, I see you are 3 days new. TYVM for the comment and votes. I will stop by your hub, esp interested in Credit card hubs you wrote. Again welcome to our family. :-)